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Greetings from Greece

Having a great time. Have 3 products with me!


@chellester Have only been here one night but so far it is beautiful and warm and sunny and lots of olives and lemons and good food!🌝🌞😎

@kelceyryder Brings back a lot of memories from my vacations to Greece. It is beautiful there! Have a lot of fun!

@kelceyryder. Enjoy yourself...have fun for me too😁...I just love Greek mythology

@kelceyryder Have a wonderful vacation and don’t forget the sunscreen 😁

@kelceyryder Nanny,”bring me a Greek”!...... I mean a Gyro. 😜 Make good memories,sweetheart. 💌

The remains of the temple at Delfi. Today we are in Meteora where the monasteries are built high on the top of mountains!

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. 

@kelceyryder I want to thank you for allowing us to feast our eyes too. There’s something to be said about a place that exudes its’ own beauty being untouched by man...

Oh wow I am so jealous @kelceyryder Did you have a good time?!

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