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GoodSkinin28 - My Experience

So, I have just finished my 28 day challenge with these products.  Being somebody who has very picky skin and who suffers acne breakouts all the time, you can imagine how many products I have went through in my lifetime (an absolute fortune spent). 

I was pleasantly surprised at the good value of the products I bought.  Its alot less than i would spend normally.  I went for the Blemish Clearing range along with the Balancing Skin Concentrate.  I was a bit sceptical about the Concentrate as my skin can get a little oily and I don't like to add to that if I can help it. 

I can honestly say that making a point of spending 5 minutes pampering my skin twice a day has actually been really nice.  Once using the full anti-blemish range, the concentrate gives a really soft lovely feeling to my face and it feels like a proper pampering session.  The oilyness of my skin seemed to improve by the second week, the quality of my skin looking noticeably brighter (despite some bad health problems that have cropped up for me).  Even a hospital stay hasn't taken away from the quality of the skin improvements.  

I have to be honest and say I have been lazy a couple of times, where I haven't followed the full regime, and I've just given my face a quick scrub and followed up with the concentrate. And it hasn't caused any issues for me, which is unheard of with my face.  Normally i would have a mini break out, and this has yet to happen.  So far, so good. 

I will be keeping up with this routine, just for the sheer fact that my skin has never been so bright and soft, and I'm not out a fortune for once.  I have found my skincare match at long last.  Yay.  



Thanks for all the amazing feedback @EveA1985 Your skin looks great...you can really see a difference!

Thank you so much guys.  I'm not normally a selfie person, but my confidence has definitely been boosted.  Totally give a massive thumbs up to these products and highly recommend giving them a try.  Definitely been a great winter boost for me. 😊

You're welcome @EveA1985 Glad to hear you positive experience with the products 😊

What an amazing story, thanks so much for such detail @EveA1985 Your pictures look great too! Do you think you will try any more YGS products?

@EveA1985 i love your pics and you have a very intesting story and i loved it and the time you took to tell us everything about your skin but you have very pretty skin please keep updating s on all this very pretty once again

@EveA1985 well this is great to hear that you have been telling others about the products and i hear you about the selfie thing i dont do that either i guess its my age and i just do not like to see my picture or take it i have never looked good in any pictures even when i was younger in my 20's i just never was a person that ever had good pics just that is the way it is my pics never do me one bit of justice

@Bex i know it was such a amazing story and i enjoyed the fact she took the time to share all that

@EveA1985 Loved your photos. You are such a cute girl. Loved your story. And do hope you keep up the routine.

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