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First Day Of 28 Day Challenge “selfie”


I hope you see the results that you are looking for. 

@Emstaggart Good luck with your 28 day challenge! Get ready for some amazing healthy skin! 

Yay congratulations on beginning the 28 day challenge @Emstaggart Please keep us updated!

@Emstaggart i so excited to see the end results of this and how are you liking the product so far

I posted my final photos under All Your Conversations, Jodi’s 28 Days. You can find the photos there, but here’s my posting. Thanks for asking:

Okay, the results after my 28 day trial run with Your Good Skin Balancing Skin Concentrate are positive. I have noticed that my skin is smoother, and that the age spots seem to have slightly diminished. In some of the photos it seems to have a healthier glow as well.

What it didn’t seem to help with are the wrinkles, both deep and fine line as well as the under eye circles, which again in some photos seem less pronounced, but in others there seems to be no improvement. Probably due to the angle of the photo or the lighting. I also didn’t really see any difference in the size of the pores on my chin.

I guess I’m wondering if there would continue to be improvement if I continued using the Concentrate, or if my face would go back to the condition it was in prior to the start of the trial.

Another thing to note is that always after using the Concentrate on my face I would rub the residue left over on my fingers onto the backs of my hands where I have a lot of age spots as well. And I’ve noticed that the skin on the backs of my hands has smoothed out as well. But, still full of tiny wrinkles.

I’m not looking for a miracle. At the age of 56 I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have inherited dark under eye circles, and that I’m going to show my age at some point. Again I have to say, thank the Egyptians for makeup!

And thank you to the Your Good Skin designers and the opportunity to be a part of the developing of this product.

I want to post a final comparison photo here, and maybe in the before and after category. It’s hard to do in this format, but I’ll do my best.


@Happy Housewife Good to hear you had great results with the concentrate, its a shame it didn't help with the wrinkles but I guess it wasn't suppose to help with that!  Maybe if you plan to continue the concentrate you could use it with your anti aging products so you get the best possible results.  

@Happy Housewife Thanks so much for such a detailed honest review!

The Balancing Skin Concentrate isn't designed to help with wrinkles or fine lines so as Sai said, I would recommend using your anti-aging products as well! 

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