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Facial Brushes.

So I have a question for anybody that knows something about facial Skincare Brushes... 

How do you keep them clean?!!

I won a raffle not too long ago and got the Softening Facial Brush. I LOVED it! It was cute and came with that little stand/holder. But litterally after the 2nd-3rd use I felt like I was rubbing dirt back in to my face and the smell or discoloration didnt help either.

I was super sad since the brush worked. It gave me a deep clean that I could not get from just using my hands,cloth or wipes. I stopped using it maybe after the 6th use and it has been sitting around ever since. 


@Hannah Usually with my facial brush I clean it with warm water right after and let it dry. Once a week I use the sterilizer I have for the baby bottles to give it a deep clean.

@Hendrika A sterilizer would be good. That sounds like a deep clean! That does give me an idea,I may try steaming water from a hot kettle or something.

Oh wow @Hannah what product were you using with it.  I had mine for about a year and a bit before it started feeling a bit rough on my skin and I knew it was time to replace.  I just washed with hot water and let air dry.  I only ever used my refreshing face wash with my brush.

@Hannah No! Hannah don't do that;not for too long anyway. Didn't I tell you girls what hot water ultimately does to our facial skin. Granted hot water is purifying,and comforting;yet warm is best:even cool water,if you can stand it. Where did my brave girls go?! 😉.  ...You'll all thank me in the long run. 

@Sai  Hot water,Sai? 😌 Doesn't anyone really know what time it is;does anyone really care.., Oh,Oh,"That was a 60's song! 😋 No Hot Water,young lady!

@Sagittarius Only for cleaning the brush not using hot water for cleaning your face!

@Hannah  I'd try to sterilize it ,like hendrika suggested. But I would probably replace it ,as I replace my hairbrush every 3 months,hon.

@Sagittarius I only meant it to clean the brush not for the face!

@Hendrika ok,my bad. I was reading too fast. I always try to read everyone's post.. "Pull my coat,Hendrika!" 😋

@Sai  Forgive me,Sai. I read too fast,as I try to,at least,skim through everyone's post. Now I realize my husband keeps telling me,"a wise person listens,without words." Or something like that... As if I listen to him..,a lot. 😋


No problem @Sagittarius I do the same sometimes, then I have to go back and edit my reply 😊

@Sai Yeah,I use the edit option button too sometimes,when I remember it’s available to us.(which is very cordial btw) But then,a few girls have already liked,or responded to the post. What then is the use of editing? 😂

@Sagittarius Wow! You are probably the only one that does that with the hair brush. I do not replace mine for MUCH longer! 

No I meant hot water for sterilizing.

Hi @Sai. I used it with The Calming Cream Cleanser. I cleaned it with water or soap or Antiseptic Alcohol for a thorough cleaning. It never fully dried after I air dryed it. I would use it once in the morning,let it air dry and it would still be wet the next day.

I'm thinking it smelled funny because the cleanser is scentless so I was just smelling wet brush But I just didn't want to use it. Also my face started breaking out and I blamed it on rubbing dirt back in to my pores from the brush.

Plus my sister told me that a silicone facial brush is easier to clean and works better. I asked her because I told her my feelings about the facial brush.

@Hannah yes, my son was using his facial brush with the calming cream cleanser and his looked liked that too, no matter how much I washed it, it never really went back to the way we bought it, soft and gentle.  Mine however was only used with the face wash and it kept its feel and shape till the end.  You're right about the silicone brushes, so much easier to care for and keep clean.

@Hannah. Sorry...I use a silicone brush but I would give microwaving soapy water a try as a cleaner...is since some of facial cleaning products clean makeup so well...use that in microwaved or boiled water and swishnit around..hopefully that will give a better clean

@Taewow Hey! Thank you so much. I have never heard of that. Will try! 

@Hannah you are welcome....I hope it works but it should definately relieve you of any concerns about cleanliness...of I come across something else...I'll keep you informed

@Hannah .Everyw1that I looked is stating to use antibacterial soap and rub it thru until it runs clean...if you want it to be white again then...I saw to add a teaspoon of bleach to the solution...rinse thoroughly.....and then I found this also....... Soak Your Brush Head in Alcohol. Once a week, soak your brush head in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a minute. Don’t rinse the alcohol off and let the brush head air-dry on a towel. This weekly “treatment” helps to kill any remaining bacteria that’s left over from daily use

@Taewow@Taewow thank you so much. 😁 I will definitely use the rubbing alcohol one. I already use it for lots of other sanitary uses.

@Hannah .Good idea..I hope it works out for you😊

@Hannah I always forget to use my brush. I use Dawn dish soap to clean my makeup brushes. I figured if it's safe enough to clean the oils off of wild animals then it's safe enough for me. 

I did hear about what @Taewow said about using the microwave. That should help too.

ReneeF posted:

@Hannah I always forget to use my brush. I use Dawn dish soap to clean my makeup brushes. I figured if it's safe enough to clean the oils off of wild animals then it's safe enough for me. 

I did hear about what @Taewow said about using the microwave. That should help too.

you have a point there! I might try Dawn too 😊

@Hannah I use Dawn to clean all my brushes. My make up brushes, hair brushes and my clarisonic facial brush and it always comes out clean.

I wash all my brushes (hair and skin) in a warm bath using baby shampoo. Usually I let them soak over night and rinse in the morning. I do this several times a month. Be sure to let your facial brushes dry completely before using them or the product likely won't stay on your face

@ReneeF  That's a good point.  Dawn is a really good cleaner

I use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn to get out spots on clothing as the Dawn cleans and the hydrogen peroxide cleans and disinfects. I wonder if it would clean facial brushes also.

@nancym46 I’d try that! I even brush and gargle with hydrogen peroxide when I’ve run out of toothpaste & mouthwash. And if its caused no detrimental effects on my mouth and teeth,then it has to kill germs on other things that may harbor  within.

I have that same one too, but as of right now it's packed somewhere lol (since I moved). 

Good tips ladies. 

@nancym46 Thank you for the response and tips. I'm going to use your tips for getting out spots as well. Question: Do you know if it works for set in cooking oil stains? I got splashed the other day and it messed up one of my shirts.

I blot my brush dry with a towel when I get out. We have kind of hard water here, so when cleaning th tub, I also spray it with my vinegar/Dawn dish soap mixture. The discoloration goes away and the mixture has antibiotic properties. I second the baby sterilizer! I’ll rememver that when we have a little one.

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