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Eye makeup remover recommendations please

happy new year ladies 

I wondered if you were able to recommend a good eye makeup remover that is suitable for sensitive eyes as I wear sleep in contact lenses and am finding my usual eye makeup remover doesn’t seem to be working as well. I think they have changed the formula. I wish that YGS would introduce an eye makeup remover into their range as am sure that would be fabulous. 

Thank you in advance 


@helenrachel123 The only make up remover I use is the Makeup Eraser. It’s gentle on my skin and removes all my make up. And the good thing about this cloth is that it’s machine washable.

@helenrachel123 I am using the wipes from YGS and they really remove my eye makeup without irritating my eyes and I also have sensitive eyes.

@Hendrika I actually have never tried the YGS wipes. Based on your recommendation I may give them a try now. I usually just remove eye makeup with a wash cloth and warm water, but maybe I should try something else.

@Mim I've used one of these too! Mine is from Primark and I gave one to my friend as well at Christmas and she loved it 😊

@helenrachel123 I don't usually wear eye make-up these days so I don't have a good suggestion for you here, I'm afraid. I agree with Mim that face make-up erasers are brilliant. Primark make one (also in pink) which is great and affordable too. I gave my friend one of them for Christmas and she loved it. You could try and see if it works for you.

@ninnytendo I love the the fact that it’s reuseable and I save money

@Mim I think it’s brilliant and the colour is nice and bright too… can’t  get lost!

@Mim this looks fab thank you do you mind me asking where you got it from. I like the fact it is environmentally friendly to as been trying to cut down on cotton wool pad waste etc 

@Hendrika thank you I have the wipes to but haven’t used them on eyes so will give that a try thanks 

@kelceyryder the wipes are lovely very gentle and effective I am going to try them on my eyes now after the recommendation 

@ninnytendo thank you I will definitely invest in an eraser as sounds very good and environmentally friendly too. Hope you are well and have had a restful start to the new year 

@helenrachel123 I hope it works for you too 😊

Work is still the usual busy & stress business. I had a few health issues before Christmas (started in the summer) and had to go to consultants and hospital appointments. One of the consultants said I have a thyroid problem and need to go to the GP again next week to sort it out... I feel tired all the time and does not help that work is so stressful but I intend to have a better year in 2019 than last year, it was horrible! I hope you are OK and it is not too stressful at your place. Let's hope 2019 is a calmer year for everybody. Take care 😊

@ninnytendo am sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. I hope that you can get your thryorid sorted and that this helps you to feel better. Work has been very busy as usual and have two staff off on long term sick who haven’t returned since Xmas so have been extra busy. Was nice to relax over Xmas though and have some time to recharge battteries.  Let me know how you get on at the drs take care 

@Bex thank you so much I will pick up a bottle of that next time I am in boots. Your help is much appreciated. Have a lovely weekend 

Oh your welcome it's fab and keeps your skin lovely xx

@helenrachel123 I rotate between the YGS makeup remover wipes and the micellar cleanser. Both remove my mascara gently. However, not environmentally friendly if that is a deciding factor. I haven't tried the Makeup Eraser, but there is a convo here somewhere with everyone raving about it.

@ReneeF thanks for the tip I hadn’t thought of using the YGS miceller water as an eye makeup remover 

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