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Eye cream

Why is there not an eye cream in the range, will there be one in the future


I hope so @Sue Wharf it's quite a new brand, we are all hoping for one soon!

@Sue Wharf That’s what I’m talking about! Along with the other anti-aging products too. The fine lines,dark circles and skin tags hit us woman hard in the eye area. And when this begins to occur,everything else takes effect.:the large pores,the jowls.., Sue,,you should see me in my routine against the ill effects of aging:I must pat my chin and neck area at least five times a day,I wear a chin tuck/face lifting band thingy at night for two hours every day!  It helps,but to a minimum. I don’t mind getting old,but we don’t have to look it. 😋

@Sue Wharf We are hoping for that! Would love to see an eye product from YGS!

@Sue Wharf  we all have been hoping that YGS could create one.  It would be lovely. 

@Sagittarius  here you go again.  .cracking me up😆😆 I'm sure a lot of us scare our husbands half to death seeing our skin care routines with all of the steps,  tool and masks. . Hopefully they are used to it by now..  Right😐

@Taewow I bet what really cracks you up is the fact that I am sooo serious! 😂 ...A Freudian Slip? 😉 My husband takes notice of my masks and other things I do in my beauty routine by saying,”Hi,honey “! 🤨 It’s when I’m bare faced that he gets scared. 

“”We must’ve scared @Jo3333 off the community because she hasn’t responded to any of us that I’ve  read lately.” Were we mean to her about her post  “? That wasn’t my intention. And if I know you girls;it sure wasn’t yours either.  ...I feel terrible now.

@Sagittarius ohhh.  That's crazy... I'm sure he is just stunned at how truly beautiful you really are.  Inside and out... I know my husband better be. . 😆😆

We all want an eye cream! I’m sure YGS won’t disappoint!

@Puglove88 “I’d be the first one on line if YGS developed an effective eye serum as most of their regime is to brag about and always reasonably priced. ”Oh boy,oh boy,oh boy! I get excited just to think how great a product it would be,coming from the YGS line! “You hear us,Bex”? 😉



@Sue Wharf There are lots of women who have been asking for an eye cream 😀 What would you want the eye cream to do?

I know I’d want an eye cream to gently,yet effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate the skin around the eye area..,But not only hide lines;annihlate them,if possible.😌 And also to smooth the surrounding,yet delicate,skin area which would reduce the signs of aging,as well as not be harmful if the serum got into our eyes like most eye serums warn against.This meaning, it would be of natural ingredients. ...I’m asking  for a miracle,huh Bex”? 😋

Oooh, where to begin...LOL...I think I'd like my eye cream to be able to smooth out the skin around my eyes, whilst getting rid of dark patches, and condition lashes. It's been difficult getting hold of one that does all of these. It's usually one or the other. Plus, the holy grail eye cream also needs to be gentle and moisturising. I've had problems in the past with eye creams that leave me with a burning sensation (this includes those that say they are made from natural ingredients), so I end up in tears...literally! 😮😭

Would it also be too much to ask if it could fix my eyesight so I can have superhuman abilities? Only kidding! 😀😂

Taewow posted:

@Sagittarius  here you go again.  .cracking me up😆😆 I'm sure a lot of us scare our husbands half to death seeing our skin care routines with all of the steps,  tool and masks. . Hopefully they are used to it by now..  Right😐

My husband is regularly horrified by what I do to my skin and tells me it's all futile as he claims it is all genetic blah blah blah...I pay him no attention when he says that, and point out he ought to be grateful as it is really all for his benefit! 😀😂

@Sue Wharf That's a good question. Hope they make one soon.

@Bex Hydrate all day!!!!!! Lol

@Ruiyyanko “There you go”! Our husbands fail to see that we do our beauty routine for them. They’re busy wondering where we’re going looking so pretty,yet they don’t realize where we are coming from “. ...Their presence,and thats where it counts. It’s when we arrive home,that we’re looking the mess,yet they aren’t home. Aye,aye,aye..,I lost my train of thought. 😌

And let’s not forget the elimination of those pesky dark circles under the eyes! Not everyone wears makeup,nor looks good in it. “I have Ingrid Bergman eyebrows”!  ...Sharp arches,for goodness sake! 😕

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