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Hi ladies,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

I am going to be posting a series of discussions about different skin conditions over the next couple of weeks. The first one is about eczema, so if this is something that you suffer from, we would love it if you could answer the below questions:

  • How many of you suffer from eczema? What do you do to keep your skin condition under control?
  • Where do you get your information/advice regarding your skin conditions? What information are you looking for?
  • What is the most frustrating thing about your skin condition?
  • If you could have anything, what would help you most with your skin condition?

Thank you!!! 


@Bex I don’t but my boyfriend does. His case is mild and he does a lot of epsom bath soaks and uses oatmeal based lotions usually. He researches natural options first and since it works for him, he doesn’t seem to need to do much more.

@Bex Thankfully I do not have eczema. And I don’t know anyone who is afflicted. But I am interested in what everyone has to say about this.

@Bex Uggh, i would so love to be able to answer nope, and move on! But unfortunately, I have eczema which I just got about 5 years ago at age 40.  To keep in under control is impossible for me thus far.  It wasn't that bad when I first got it, itchy elbows, knees.  Now it is elbows, ears, arms, knees, neck, ankles and wherever it feels like popping up.

Thusfar I have not found the perfect solution, just keep applying different creams & lotions & praying one works better than the other.

I look online for information on medications, treatments, etc...........

The most frustrating thing is itching so bad, and the flaky skin, and not being able to get rid of it.  It comes and goes as it pleases!



Hi @Bex I don’t suffer from eczema but my teen daughter does. She only has it on her hands and uses eczema creams to keep it under control.

I usually look up ways to help take care of it online, I’m looking for what can help the redness, itch and dryness.

The most frustrating thing for her is the itchness and redness, she hates when certain products flair up her eczema.

I know she wants her skin to be smooth and healthy looking so a product that helps smooth, moisturize, soothe and get rid of itchness is what she would want.

I don't suffer from eczema, but I'm following.

I do not have eczema luckily 

@Bex I don't suffer from eczema but my twin toddler boys unfortunately do. Especially during the colder winter months. Legs and arms are the most common spots. I use eczema creams with oatmeal in them like Aveeno or Mustela to keep it under control and keep them from scratching. I usually look for eczema products and reviews online and their pediatrician gives me samples to try too. Luckily the creams help them with the itchiness and to calm down their skin. Hopefully it will get better when they get older.

@Bex I used to suffer from eczema when I was younger and had to make sure my skin was constantly moisturized.  Thankfully my breakouts were mild and I outgrew it. 

@Bex I get it on my hands and legs. I use steroid creams when needed and try and do lots of moisturising. 

@Bex I have eczema on my face.I have a prescription lotion that I use and I wash my face with very gentle cleaners or oil.

I basically get information about it from my dermatologist. I want to know how to treat it and what causes it.

The most frustrating thing about it is that it never really goes away. Just as soon as I think it might be gone, it flares up again.

I wish the Humira I'm already on would get rid of the eczema and leave nice smooth moisturized skin

@chellester I suffer with eczema from time to time and it is so frustrating isn't it?! Which products have you used in the past?

@Bex I was using a steroid cream the dr gave me, and that seemed to work well, but I didn't want to continue using a steroid for life.  I then have tried Aveeno, which sometimes works, and regular lotions which do not.  I have tried cortizone creams as well, and they work for a bit, then they do not work either.  I am #frustrated and just want a product that works!

@nancym46 Do you know what it is that makes it flare up?

@Bex A few years ago I suffered from Rosacea and eccema around my nose and mouth. It was frustrating as it was itchy, red and I felt very self-conscious. I had to go to a dermatologist and use medicated creams. Apparently it was caused by stress and a hormone imbalance. What would have made it better for me at the time would have been a refreshing gel or cream to calm the itchiness and a foundation which would have hidden the redness and not make the eczema worse.

@Bex My daughter used to have terrible eczema but she gradually grew out of it.  She still has flare ups around her torso when we are in very hot weather.  We used to have to treat it with a topical steroid which was the only thing that worked.  Now, we put a capful of bleach in a cool full bathtub and that seems to give it some relief.  Aloe helps also.  Thank goodness we live on the coast and it doesn’t get too hot here ever!

@Bex I dont suffer from Eczema but unfortunately my two sons have this problem . My oldest is 14 and we though he grew out of it but he had a flare up on his knees last summer. He was so embarrassed that he didn't want to wear shorts. My youngest is 9 and I'm slowly weening him off that steroid cream that was prescribed . I use Raw shea butter and a capful of bleach in his bath water. It was suggested by his doctor and is working. Heat is a huge factor of my kids flare ups

@Bex A few years ago I suffered from intense itching and skin redness. I started with my ears feeling warm, then spread to itching on my back and arms. The itching almost drove me crazy. The dermatologist diagnosed me with Eczema- "aptopic dermatitis."  I took oral steroids and a steroid cream. It lasted for a few months then went away. I currently do not take any medications, but I avoid harsh detergents in laundry products, household cleaners and skin care products. Prolonged exposure to the sun makes my skin itchy, so I always wear sunscreen and do not lay in the sun for a tan. It's not worth it to my skin for several reasons. I'm not sure if I truly have Eczema or it was a severe allergic reaction, but I was tested for allergies and nothing came up. I feel for people with chronic Eczema

@chellester the itching!! Unless you've experienced it you can't imagine how bad it is. I slept with a coat hanger in my bed for weeks because I would wake up with itching on my back that I could not reach any other way

@Bex For me, I know stress, eating poorly, and a lack of sleep all contribute to a flare.


My son has suffered with eczema since 8 weeks old, he’s now 21!

He currently uses prescription creams, Elocon, Pro-Topic, a moisturiser called QV cream and a shampoo/wash called QV Wash.

He was wet-wrapped as a baby for a year and was hospitalised through his skin breaking down and loosing body fluids 😞

Two years ago he had a really nasty flare up on his face that lasted for months and we started seeing the dermatologist again at the hospital.  They did some allergy skin tests and we found out he has an allergy to nickel and balsam of Peru.  I then used the internet as if never heard of it!  Basically it’s an allergy to anything with perfume in 🙈 and it exasperated the eczema.

The most frustrating thing for my son is the dry flakey skin, sore/bleeding patches and not knowing what causes the break outs.

A smooth non greasy moisturiser that doesn’t feel sticky or makes you look oily!  He hates the creams especially in the summer 😞

We have tried all sorts of lotions and potions but nothing seems to work.

I admire anyone with this condition, especially my son who has soldiered on through school, college and now working, I’m sure it must knock the confidence out of you at times.

@Bex I have a little patch on my knee that comes and goes ever so often.  when it flares up I use a little cortizone cream.  the name of the cream is Natureplex. 

@Rach4down I am so sorry he's had to suffer for this long, and I hope he finds relief soon

@teachpetch thank you, he just gets on with life and makes me proud how he overcomes things.  He also has a nut allergy and asthma but never moans 😊

@teachpetch we have a grandson that is allergic to almost everything-nuts, dairy, eggs, shellfish, gluten. The dairy and gluten are the worst-no ice cream or "cake" for birthdays. We have a flour and egg free cake recipe, but it's not the same as the "real" thing. But he also just goes on with life and doesn't complain. Good for both your son and our grandson. I would complain all the time. 

@chellester @nancym46 @mariebow

What attributes do they look for in the eczema products you use? (ie. Lotion vs creams, endorsed by national association, doctor recommended, formulated for a specific skin condition, etc)

Can they describe you dream product?

Beyond skin care products, what else would help you manage your skin condition?

@Bex I want it to be endorsed, that would be nice.  Formulated for my condition, and absorbs easily!

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