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Done my Challenge

Top picture is two weeks in bottom picture is today as I finished my challenge. I definitely see the results . I’m glad I stuck with it because I did get discouraged at the 2 week mark since I had all new breakouts. But after three weeks I started to see the clear up and coincidentally it was that time of the month for me so I break out the most. So I knew it was working because it fought through my period breakout . There is still room for improvement but I will start incorporating other products into my regimen . 


@mdejesus615  I am so happy for you and glad that sticking through with the YGS products has improved your skin. It only gets better from here and the line of products are great. Keep using the concentrate and gradually add other products like you said....maybe a cleanser and a tonic to start with....they have them for various skin needs....so happy it worked for you☺️

@mdejesus615 I can see the results too. Good for you. What products do you think you will be adding?

Congrats on completing your challenge @mdejesus615 I can definitely see the change in your skin 😊 Let us know what products you decide to add to your routine.

@mdejesus615 I am glad you kept on going with your challenge! I can definitely see the difference. Which products will you start using next?

@mdejesus615 congrats on completing your challenge. I can see why you’re so pleased with the results, your skin looks fantastic. 

Your skin looks great. Good job on completing your challenge!

Amazing results @mdejesus615 😀 Congratulations on completing the 28 day challenge! What other products are you going to be added in?

You did good your skin looks great 👍🌹

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