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@Sai yes I’d does not seem real yet . I am sure it will be strange to see someone who looks like me and now that it going to happen i am kind of nervous.

I totally understand your nervousness @Bulldog I’m sure you’re excited at the same time, after Christmas probably sounds too far away now! How strange is that, finally you’ll know who look like 😊

@Bulldog That is great news! Hope you will get some answers and get to know more about your family history!

@Bulldog  follow your heart.. .you will never know unless you try.... Good luck with your journey. 

@Bulldog i don’t know my father but different history i has been thinking about a DNA test but i always just leave everything in thoughts i was not sure how reliable were those . I have always think how will be his reaction, if he knows about me or not . Hope you have a happy ending history about this.

@monica.ellis  found out my birth father passed away last year . But was able to meet his sister and her children they have been great and they never knew about me. I found my birth mother and have talked to her on the phone she will meet up with me next week and answer any questions . I do know that the rest of her family have no idea i exist and if it needs to stay that way for her i am ok with that I will just be happy to know my story and see someone who looks like me.

@Bulldog I am so glad you were able to see your birth family. Hopefully you will get to hear your full story from your birth mom so you have the pieces to your puzzle!

@Bulldog I also was adopted and know my biological family. It has worked out well for me as my siblings wanted to know me. On the other hand I gave a son up for adoption and he hasn't tried to find me and that's okay with me also.

@nancym46  yeah i am ok either way it ends up being . But i was glad to hear my adoption story 

@Bulldog  This is so interesting. I'm very happy you got a chance to speak with your birth mother. 🙂

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