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Day 5

So 5 days in and already loving these products. Have found my T Zone has been a little more greasy than normal but hoping this calms down soon! 🤔

The concentrate is my fav, smells great and feels good on your skin! 



@Gem5 The concentrate is my favorite too and I agree, it feels wonderful on my skin. 

Glad you’re loving the products @Gem5 the oiliness should get better as you go on, the concentrate should help with that.

@Gem5 I am glad that you are liking the products. The concentrate is the best and once your skin is used to it your skin will calm down and will look radiant!

@Gem5  happy to hear you love YGS products

@Gem5 Awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. Can't wait to hear more of your journey with YGS.

Yay congratulations on starting your 28 day challenge @Gem5 The Balancing Skin Concentrate is clinically proven to reduce oil levels so with continued use this should definitely reduce! x

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