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Day 1 and day 27.


@QuirkyKaren thanks for sharing your photos and journey with us.  Looks like you got wonderful results.

@QuirkyKaren  Love your photos. I couldn't get to all of them. Was I supposed to? What are you using besides the Balancing Skin Concentrate?

No you weren’t supposed to get to the others. That was a mistake, sorry! I also use the your good skin night cream. I do think my age spots fade in the time I use the concentrate. 😢@kelceyryder

Coming close to the end of your journey @QuirkyKaren congrats🎉 Your skin tone looks much more even from when you started even though it might not have faded all of your dark spots.  

@QuirkyKaren. Nice pics, your skin looks more vibrant and I can see the spots fading..great results☺

@QuirkyKaren. I agree with you, your skin has improved...will you continue to use YGS products

@QuirkyKaren Congratulations on nearly completing your challenge! You look amazing! 😊 Do you think you will carry on using the Balancing Skin Concentrate?

@QuirkyKaren thank you for sharing these pictures with us looks like you are getting some results that you want so glad to hear this keep us updated on everything

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