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Cool Eye Mask

Hey everyone,  I just wanted to share a new product I just ordered.  I like the ingredients and the structure of the eye mask.  It has one eye mask with Hyaluranic acid and the other is retinol.  They seem very promising and at a good price for 50 eye masks.  I like how they go all the way around the eye instead of just under.  I can't wait u til they come.  I ordered the rertinol ones and am going to also get the other one once I try these.  Hopefully it's a good one. I listed this because I hear that so many of is want an eye treatment so hopefully this one can help us all.  I will leave feed back once I try it out.  Here is the product link for more info: 





Let us know how they are when you get them and try them out! I am a big fan of eye masks! 💕😀

@kelceyryder I will.  I could pass up on them once I read about them.  .. and the price was good at only $10 for 50 masks so that is actually 25 for each eye..  Some products I just give it a go especially if I don't come out of pocket much.  But they do have rerinol so hopefully I'll see results

@kelceyryder I’m not only a fan of eye masks,I’m in great need of them! I awaken from an 8 hr slumber with dark circles! Let us know,Taewow. All the ones I’ve tried are expensive;don’t provide long effects. And the cucumber masks are only for puffiness and some of them are irritable on the eyes even when applied on the surface of the skin and it’s no where near the eye sockets in a way that it should seep into them... ?

@Taewow Those sound great.  Looking forward to your feedback.  Thanks for sharing, I love eye masks.

@Taewow Nice! You mean,”retinol”,Taewow? Or is there a new ingredient called,”rerinol”? I figured it’s a new anti-aging ingredient because you named it twice. So,it couldn’t be a spelling mistake. 😋But then again,”only you can make a mistake like that and get away with it.”😉

@Sagittarius  i know what you mean about the position of the eye masks but these seem to fit around the whole eye

@Sagittarius Ha! You always catch my mistakes, so it is retinol and there are not expensive at all. 

@Shell5  anytime😊 i figured that it will be worth a try

@Sagittarius After reading a bit more, I see that the actual mask is made of fruit fibers so that is new to me and seems very natural. I also liked the set of three pictures of the before, during and after use, I know that all products exaggerate but these pics were interesting to me because they seemed to be the same eye after time

@Taewow these look interesting and what a great price you will have to let us know about them

@Taewow Go ahead and scrutinize everything,sweety! It’s imperative we all do that. And it’s true that,”its all in the details “.😉

@Sagittarius I totally agree...that is why i went back to see if there was something new or different and for sure....i saw the fruit fibers 

@Taewow love the sound of the ingredients and looks refreshing. Let me know how it worked for you.

@Taewow love the retinol but I worry about it being irritating so close to my eyes!

@teachpetch  I didn't think about that but I think the other ingredients are soothing to help the skin and eye irritation of any

@Taewow I am interested in whether you like these. I look forward to your update. I also am concerned about using retinol so close to my eyes.

@nancym46 I'll let you know but it's like any other product with retinol that we would use for fine lines and wrinkles.  I think it may be because you leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes.  I keep you informed

@teachpetch I hear you;but I’m sure they’d have made an allowance for that not to occur given the fact that it’s specifically formulated for the eye area’ full coverage,Teach.  No?

Let us know how you liked them! They sure sound great.

Thanks for this- he mask sounds really great. Hyaluranic acid is a very popular ingredient with me as I know it can be great for anti aging.

@booboo you are welcome.  I'm glad that the task focus on one ingredient and I like both Hyaluranic and retinol

Looks like a great product @Taewow I’ve used the Labena 24K gold eye masks and really liked them, so can’t wait to hear how these eye masks work out for you!

@Sai well that's good news,  to hear that you used a product from the same brand and it worked well makes me feel better about the purchase

Yeah, I really liked it @Taewow I’d love to try these too!

@Sai That was my thoughts when I seen these.. . Just looking for deals as usual then stumbled upon these and decided to try them out. I will try the Hyaluranic acid ones next if I like these but something is telling me that I will

@Taewow these sound interesting look forward to hearing what you think of them when they arrive 

@helenrachel123 thanks. ..I should have them this coming week so I should have a review soon

@Taewow These look great! Can't wait for the review. I have been using the No7 ones and I absolutely love them.

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