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Coffee and Cake ☕️ 🍰

I thought I’d dedicate this post to the ladies that like to share coffee/tea and cakes with each other everyday.  You now have a dedicated spot to enjoy it without having to search through all the posts....enjoy 💕


@Sai So cool. Thank you so much for doing this. And I am sure I speak for everyone that coffee/cakes is open to all. Come and join us anytime!! The food is good and the conversation is even better!!

You’re welcome @Taewow I thought they might like it!  sorry I should have mentioned your name too, didn’t know you were enjoying coffee and cakes with them 😄

You’re welcome @kelceyryder Yes of course, everyone is welcome to join! I knew a few of you like to catch up everyday with each other and what better way then a dedicated spot to do it.  Enjoy ladies 😉

Incase a few of you didn’t know about this feature on the community, you can always search which topic you are looking for in the search box on the top of the home page of the community.  You can just type in for instance ‘coffee and cake’ and that post plus other topics that have those words used in it will pop up, you just have to click on the one you want. 

@Sai You must have been reading my mind because I was going to ask if there was a way to search for particular topics. Now I know. Thank you so much!!

@Christina630 A few of the ladies on the community like having virtual coffee and cake while catching up with each other...im sure you’ve probably seen it in random post, I thought this would be a good place for them to do it in, a dedicated spot 😊

Ohh how cute. Yes of course I’ve loved catching up with the group on various posts and what a great idea to have one thread for it! Never knew there was a name for it 😊

@Sai Very sweet and thoughtful idea.

What a thoughtful idea @Sai! I'll be sure to check in on days when I have some extra time. Coffee is always a good idea. ☕

@Sai are they actually meeting with each other to eat cake🙄

mariebow posted:

@Sai are they actually meeting with each other to eat cake🙄

Hehe.... No just on the community 😁

@Sai I met some women here in Florida online and whenever we can we get together for coffee and cake personally. Maybe someday it will happen to the women here in the community, too? Would be wonderful!

@Sai. Yeah..I dabble in a bit of everything..especially when cake and coffee is involved😁

🎂 @Sai Lovely idea! What is your favourite cake?

Thanks @Bex It used to be the Black Forest gateau in the UK, I haven’t found one that tastes like it here 😊 How about yours?

@Sai Hmm probably carrot cake with lots and lots of icing!!!

@Bex Sounds yummy, especially the lots of icing 😉

@Sai We have a cake shop called Druckers  in the UK they do a great black Forrest gateaux. 

@JanCornwall Yum, wish I had some! I haven’t heard of that shop 🤔  My dad used to get one from Tescos, I can still remember the taste 😊

@Sai @JanCornwall@Bex You guys made me so hungry for sweets that this morning's breakfast was a maple bar from Safeway's bakery and a Skinny Vanilla latte from Starbucks. So I had my coffee and cake today!! Have you???

@kelceyryder No cake but I did have a hot chocolate 😊

@JanCornwall I have my grandchildren today too but fortunately they are in school until 3pm. That leaves me and the dog for most of the day!!

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