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Can not believe how much my skin has changed since using YGS

Well I'm on my 3rd bottle serum and wouldn't change it for the world 


Your skin looks amazing @Kentrach Its magic in a bottle!

well it just shows you should never judge a book by its cover this is my 4th yr with MS and I looking n feeling great xxx

@kelceyryder Lol @spokesmodel well if never been called that before thankyou I think 😁😁😁

Omg my Christmas window display is done and my tree is up I'm shatterd and over done it big time thank goodness iv got a great facemask and cream to bring my tired skin to life 

@kelceyryder thankyou my husband helped me he make the roof of the house and done the lights it's great seeing the children's big smiles when they see our window and I was told tonight I'm going to a Nanny to so a little perfect gift is going to join our family xx

@Sagittarius thankyou so much I have good and bad days I'm fighter and with fight my MS as long as I can the thing I miss is to dance like I used to before this disease started to take over my nervouse system now I watch others dance but I will never give up x

@Kentrach I'm so sorry you suffer from MS. But that doesn't negate the aura of beauty you elude,nor your will to survive. A big (football player) high five to you,"nana". ...You Glow.;as your lovely displays do. 🙏 "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas"..,

@Kentrach Wow, what an amazing Christmas display!!!

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