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Before and after speaks for itself

i went to the doctors concerned about my skin as it had broke out really really bad! At the age of 29 and never having any really major issues it got me down. I was put on anti biotics but i bought your good skin after seeing a towie celeb i follow using it and it seemed to be soo affordable. well i am AMAZED! Whether it is the anti biotics or the YGS i will carry on using it as my face has never felt as good! I love taking my make up off just feels lovely. The other side was just as bad with cysts too and they are all drying up. The calming spot cleanser just done exactly what it said on the tin!! Love love LOVE!! 


@Shannon you can really see the difference in your skin, so glad your getting amazing results 😊

Nice! Not that I needed to see your results with my own eyes to believe it,Shan,But your photos sinched it,girl! Woohoo for you! 😉

@Sai i am amazed! I will continue to use it as my skin feels so good. The colour difference in the photos is from day to night and the whiter one was me being tired i got pale when im tired.... xx

Sounds good @Shannon 😊 Is the acne calming cleanser the only YGS product you're using so far?

I have been using the clay mask a couple times a week, the spot claming cleanser and also the normal face wash to take my make up off at night xx

@Shannon Amazing results! I am happy that you are having such great results.

Great products @Shannon I would also recommend the YGS balancing skin concentrate if you get the chance, we all started with that product......your skin will thank you 😉

@Shannon Wow amazing. Your skin looks so nice. I'm happy you found YGS to work for you cause it has worked wonders for many of us. Hope it continues to give you the results your getting now. 

@Shannon This is amazing! You look great. How often have you been using the cleanser?

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