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Before and After

Hi ladies, 

I finished the 28 day challenge a few days ago and I'm finishing off the rest of the serum in the bottle. I'm sad to say that I didn't really see a difference in my skin. I am already hyper vigilant with my skincare. Prior to doing this challenge I was already using a day and a night serum, masking three to four times a week, and using day and night creams daily as well. I took three photos - day one, day fourteen, and the largest photo is day 28. Let me know if you ladies notice a difference. I think this product is great for someone who is new to skincare or someone who wants to up their game, but for someone like me all it did was add some hydration. 


@Rollergirl99 your skin looks amazing very fresh and glowy, I have been using the serum since last week and noticed my foundation is going on better

@Rollergirl99 You’re skin looks great, very healthy and radiant! Looks like you started with great skin to though....you have good genes 😉


 You're all very sweet. I promise you that I was not always blessed with this skin. It's taken me years to hone my skincare routine. I do around 5-8 steps twice a day. I double cleanse at night, use a serum, and eye cream, moisturize, spot treat, and use an anti-aging cream. I also mask at least four times a week - clay, sheet, and overnight masks. I've learned that if your willing to put in the work than you can beat your skin into shape. 

@Rollergirl99 oh yes i notice a big differance your skin is amazing now and it is glowing and looks very very healthy i love it great pics and thank you so much for sharing all this with us and i am sure the other ladies will notice a differance too

@Sai i agree with you you can the differance right away i thought

@Rollergirl99 You have great skin. You can tell you really take care of it. Keep up with what has been working for you.

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