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received this morning so today is DAY ZERO .. I will be using the pore minimising tonic , instant dryness rescue and balancing skin concentrate (pictures 1 ,2 ) after a week ( pictures 3,4 ) 2 weeks ( picture 5 6) week 3 ( pictures 7,8 ) and finally my 28 days are complete ...final pictures are the last for this 28 days cycle , but I am starting again by adding another product to my routine 

1 day 0

2 day 0

3 week 1

4 week 1

5 week 2

6 week 2

7 week 3

8 week3

week 3


@rachel2601 welcome to the community and looking forwar to your jounery with products hope you are liking this community as much as we do very intesting to be learning all these new things

Welcome to the community @rachel2601 and good luck with your 28 day journey 😊

@rachel2601 Welcome to the community! A good combination of products. Love to see the results!

Welcome to the community @rachel2601 - so lovely to have you here! Thanks so much for posting your before photos. I can't wait to see how your journey goes 😊

@blondie14225 I haven't tried any YGS products that I haven't liked!  My favorite by far has been the Balancing Skin Concentrate which I have recommended to others and has done wonders for me personally!

@rachel2601 Welcome to the community!! Look forward to seeing your results. 

@rachel2601. Welcome and I hope you have great results as we all are having

@Sai i hope she has good results in her jounary i am waiting to see what her reviews are

@Bex i think all of us are waiting to see her results i am happy she posted the pics

@flojo that is so wonderful to here i also love the products they do work wonders

@ReneeF i agree with you good luck to her on the products i thin she wil find that she loves them as much as we all do

@Taewow yes wishing her the best of luck with the products but i am sure she is going to love them

@rachel2601 well here we are two weeks in , half way through , and you may not think it but the difference in my skin texture and appearance is amazing to me . I have used the concentrate , toner and hydro cream , recently I got 3 more ygs products but not started using them yet as I wanted to do 28days with just the 3 products and what I was already using of my own  . my skin is smoother , plumper, brighter and looks healthier cant wait to start using my other items in 2 weeks 





Thank you for sharing this with us, @rachel2601! So happy to know that the range has been working well for you. Yay! Can't wait to hear from you again! 😊

Great to hear the products are working so well for you @rachel2601 😊

@rachel2601 wow what a amazing differance your skin looks so good very ncie and thank you for keeping us up to date and good luck with your new products

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