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Anti blemish base lotion-balling up


I've noticed that th ABBL balls up (not sure if that’s the word) when I put moisturizer over it.

any solutions?




It's best to let products fully absorb and dry before using the next product.  Give yourself a five min waiting period before applying, maybe that will help @SoPheonaH 

@SoPheonaH I always make sure that I let each product get absorbed by the skin before applying another. This will help with this problem.

@SoPheonaH you maybe need to

leave a bit longer in between applying products or makeup afterwards until it’s fully soaked


@SoPheonaH As mentioned, I would make sure it is fully absorbed before putting moisturiser on top!

@SoPheonaH .make sure that each layer has absorbed completely into your skin.....that should help

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