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Hi ladies! Hope you are having a great week so far.

I have the second discussion on different skin conditions today and this one is about Acne. If you suffer from acne, we would really love to hear your answers to the questions below.

  • How many of you suffer from acne? What do you do to keep your skin condition under control?
  • Where do you get your information/advice regarding your skin conditions? What information are you looking for?
  • What is the most frustrating thing about your skin condition?
  • If you could have anything, what would help you most with your skin condition?

Thanks so much x


@Bex I don't suffer from acne.  I will be following in case things pop up 😉

@Bex I don’t suffer from acne but my teens are starting to see them pop up.

@Bex I have acne sometimes but nothing serious...i know my face is oily so i always make sure to keep it under control. I wash my face and make sure my face moisturizer isn't so oily.

@Bex As a teenager and even in my twenties/begin thirties I suffered from acne. It wasn't as bad as some other people's acne but it really isn't great for your confidence and you think that everybody will only look at your blemishes and not you as a person. Luckily it got a lot better when I was in my thirties but my skin is still prone to blemishes and I still got those stubborn blackheads. I am cleaning my face every morning and night and I must say that the YGS blackhead scrub has really helped a lot with the appearance of my skin. Since using the YGS products I don't get many blemishes and my skin just looks more healthy and radiant. Luckily I now have more feel good skin days than ever! Great for my confidence.

@Bex I don’t suffer from acne now—too old I think. But my 12 year old granddaughter is starting to show signs of it. I hesitate to ask her about it. Will listen to what everyone here has to say about acne.

@Bex i get occasional acne nothing bad as far as that goes and when i have something pop up i use the blackhead clearing scrub and that usually takes care of it . I occasionally also get acne on my back shoulder area from sweating at the gym and the scrub clears that up also.

@Bex  I do not suffer from acne, just get the occasional pimple which is a bit annoying.  My husband had flares in high school, so I am wondering if my 11 year old will see after him or me.  I will be interested to hear what others have to say in case I need to help my kiddo through it.

@Bex thankfully I rarely have breakouts which I contributeto a good skin care routine, which includes YGS products that have been very helpful and beneficial. 

I don't really have breakouts. My skin tends to be dry.

@Bex  sorry but I do not suffer from acne but my daughter does and she hates the fact that she has random breakouts and that they sometimes can mark her face

@Bex I don't have acne but I used to get really bad spots every month around the time of my period. Not any longer, thankfully.

@Bex I get the monthly annoying breakouts.  I use the rapid rescue treatment, it works quick and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

For me, it’s not as bad as it used to be. I just get small breakouts from dormant bumps when I don’t have enough water, am very stressed or have some hormonal fluctuations. When I was younger it seemed like it was just the way my skin would always be and would never change. I learned that it was hereditary and my dad and aunt had bad acne scarring on their face. I started using the YGS products and they have been the only brand I used that ever made an actual difference. I tell everyone about it if I can because I always felt I was a hopeless cause and nothing would work!

@Bex I suffer from the occasional acne for many years.  After I had my two sons it really did a number on ph everything was so unbalanced.  

I've made steps like drinking lots of water, staying away from sodas.

The most frustrating thing is when I break out it's only on my cheek and chin.

I use the rapid rescue spot treatment and I'm good.


I don’t suffer from acne thankfully @Bex 

I forgot to answer Bex’s question! 😋 I have never suffered from acne;only if I eat oily foods,or buttery dairy products. But luckily the few pimples I do,occasionally,get go away on their own. Yet,I’m sure if one neglected to cleanse properly on their onset they could spread. Bottom line;We have to nip some things in the bud. My spouse has bad acne and has tried every product that has every come to market,yet with no remedy in sight. And it’s a shame because he is such a handsome man. It doesn’t spoil his confidence,mind you;but it wrecks mine...for him.

@Bex getting older has its advantages! I had terrible acne as a teen and through my young 20's. I tried everything-antibiotics, topical creams, Milk of Magnesia!-you name it. The thing that finally worked was Accutane. I still (literally) have the scars from my acne, and I feel for anyone still dealing with it

@Hendrika I had bad acne as a teen and early 20's, and I absolutely felt like all people saw was my acne. I hated "school picture day."  Now there is photoshop, but back in the day there was no way to hide my acne in photos

@teachpetch Oh those picture days weren't my favorite either. I really lacked confidence because of my acne. You really feel like looking down the whole time so people can't look to you directly. I am glad those days are over!

@teachpetch Don’t attempt to hide your face because of imperfections,teach. Beauty is really skin deep,sweetheart. And if anyone should dwell on your acne,tell them,”it doesn’t define you;and why are you here talking to me anyway if you’re focusing on only one thing? I rest my case. 😉 But say it nicely because then it will prove that you are also focusing on it.

While I don't have acne, my kids do. I take them to the dermatologist and they take an antibiotic and use a cream on their face. It's really helped, not only their skin, but their self esteem.

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