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A favour to ask!


Have not tried this one yet but it is on my list

Tried @Bex but it won’t let me submit the review for some reason!

Yes, I noticed it was the UK one and did change the flag at the top of the page to US @Bex still not working for me.  It just won’t let me....maybe I’ll try from my laptop later, I’m on my iPad right now.

@Bex I have the same problem and I tried submitting it to the US site. It doesn't let me submit the review.

Do we have to had purchased the product on the website to submit a review @Bex? Almost like a verified purchase?? I bought mine in store!

@Bex When you hit the review button nothing happens. I have written this 3 times already. It goes nowhere.

Hmm not sure on this one, I will check with the team!!!

@Bex Haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list...

@Bex haven't had a chance to try that yet. But will post if and when I do. 

@Bex not allowing me to post it. 

@Bex I will gladly post a review, but I will wait to see if the link problem is fixed.

@Bex I haven't tried it yet. sorry. 

@Bex So funny that you asked this today.  I was going through all of the products that had fallen to the back of my cabinet and I pulled this out!  I had completely forgotten that I had it.  So I unboxed it and have it out on my counter to try tonight or tomorrow.  I will review soon!!

@Bex Would not let me write the review or rate it

@Bex I havent tried the this mask just yet but like other YGS products Ive tried and reviewed this will be on my list 

@Bex I just tried, but it still won't post the review. 

@Bex  I'm not sure if the link is fixed yet, but I will post a review. 

@Bex I just bought the purifying mask and can't wait to try it. I will let you know

@Bex I just tried to post my review but the link still does not appear to be working. I like the Purifying Treatment Mask-it is quick and easy to use. My only complaint is it does not rinse off as easily as I would have thought. I used less product the second time, but it still took longer than expected to completely wash off

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