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4th day

evening  ladies  well another day all seemed well but today I noticed a little break out around my chin line, by the jaw headed towards my ears nothing major will monitor it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing I think my face is getting a good cleaning with the products and it’s ok. Will keep you posted 🌹


@Pica flor Give your facial skin time to adjust. I'm sure we've all been through that and with most newly used product they'll take getting used to. And like you said,perhaps your skin is getting a good cleansing and of course it's going to retaliate. Keep kicking its butane,Flor!!! It'll abide. 😉

Hi @Pica flor its totally normal for you to experience a little breakout, most of us went through that too.  It should clear up soon.

Ok I’m hanging in there lol My skin looks cleanner and softer , brighter I’ve noticed. Thanks for being here to share🌹

That's great and you're very welcome @Pica flor  that's what we are all here for 😊

@Pica flor It is totally normal! A lot of the ladies here had a breakout in the beginning (including me) but it really clears up fast and after that you really start to see that your skin will look better and more radiant than ever before! Keep us posted!

@Pica flor Its sometimes normal for that to happen but keep us posted.

@Pica flor great advice given here and I hope it helps. . Hang in there

Update:  Well today was another busy day in the kitchen and I know my face took the heat However , I didn’t look tired or dull which is a good thing I was talking to my granddaughter and telling her that for the last couple of days I’ve noticed I’ve not touched or picked at my face, that’s because it looks clean to me and my nose isn’t peeling neither under my chin and around the lip area that was really bad !!  

@Pica flor  Hello!

The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts.

It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing results around Day 14.

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