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14 days

2 weeks in and can definitely see a difference 


@Chris.heppy Wow! You're a great example of amazing results, I can really see a difference 😊

@Chris.heppy 💖💖💖💖 all of this!!! I see some incredible changes! Thank you for sharing your photo and Congratulations 🎉🎉 you are half way through your journey 😄

Skin is so much smoother and even, loving the creams  

Wow @Chris.heppy - what an amazing result, you look so good!! How has it made you feel?

Happier with my complexion, loving the creams an made me really look at my skincare routine.  Definitely a change for the better 😀 

Your skin looks brighter and clearer. Great results! 😀

@teachpetch I thought the same thing! She looks amazing 😁

All i can say is...WOW!

Your results are amazing! Your skin looks so hydrated!!!

@Erin yes very nice pics and i am also happy she posted these beautiful pics of herself very nice skin

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