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YourGoodSkin™ Community Guidelines

Welcome to the YourGoodSkin™ Community!

The YourGoodSkin™ Community is a place where you can ask questions, post answers, share your skin stories, & connect with 1000s of women just like you from the UK, USA & ROI. If you have signed-up already then ‘hi’ & ‘thank you’, if not then what are you waiting for?

There are a few key components of the YourGoodSkin™ Community:

The GoodSkinIn28 Journey: Sign up for the GoodSkinIn28 journey & we will support you on your way to better skin for life with a weekly email or a daily motivational message. Once you’ve signed up, your community profile picture will be haloed with a progress gold band so that everyone in the community can see that you are on the GoodSkinIn28 journey. Tell us when you’ve finished the journey & we’ll award you with points.

The GoodSkinIn28 Coach: Your GoodSkinIn28 Coach will send you messages of encouragement & will be there to support you through every step of your journey.

The YourGoodSkin™ Community Manager: Your community manager is here to help during your time in the community & to support any questions relating to the GoodSkinIn28 journey, or life in the community. Use the ‘Ask your community manager’ forum to get in touch with her.

The Co-Creators: These amazing ladies have the ‘CO-CREATOR’ badge next to their profile picture & were part of the original community who co-created the YourGoodSkin™ range especially for you. 

Invites: Invite your friends to join the YourGoodSkin™ Community, & we’ll send you exclusive access to vouchers & discount codes.  When just one friend signs up, we’ll send you a voucher code, too & for every subsequent sign up, we’ll award you with even more points.

Conversations: These are integral to the community. Please ask questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be about skincare. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

Topics: You can follow particular topics of interest & we’ll send you a notification whenever there is a new reply so that you don’t miss out on any of the discussion.

Before & Afters: The name is pretty self-explanatory really. This is where you can post photos of yourself before & after your GoodSkinIn28 journey. So that everyone can see just how good your skin looks now!

Your Profile: You can chose your own personal avatar, track what topics you’ve liked & your activity within the community. You can also see who is following you, how many points you’ve earned & your community rank i.e how active you are within the community. 

Customer Support: This forum allows you to get in touch with our community manager if you have any issues within the YourGoodSkin™community. For any further queries about YourGoodSkin™ please contact us here.

Security & Privacy / Terms & Conditions: Please be aware of the YourGoodSkin™ Security & Privacy policy & Term & Conditions of the community. These are both situated in the footer of our site.

We’re not big fans of dictating the rules, but please respect the following when interacting in the YourGoodSkin™ Community:

Conduct: Be nice to people! The YourGoodSkin™ Community encourages open dialogue as long as it is conducted with understanding, respect & decorum at all times. Please do not use language that could be considered abusive, confrontational or discriminatory. Also we ask that you refrain from “trolling” or being overly critical of others. Inflammatory posts, bullying, shaming or excessive negativity will be strongly frowned upon. If we see any of the above we will exercise our right to remove or edit any content that violates the YourGoodSkin™ Community guidelines. If the guidelines are consistently violated we will also exercise our right to remove an individual from the community.  

We LOVE: Using imaginative titles for your posts. Taking the time to read other responses before you reply. The use of correct grammar. Staying on topic as much as possible. Positivity, yes. Being understanding. Being friendly.

We do NOT love: Vague titles for your posts. Responding without reading. Worrying what others my think of you. Straying too far from the topic. Negativity. Arguing with others (in an offensive way). Not engaging. Using inappropriate language or putting anyone down.

Your role in the YourGoodSkin™ Community: You sure are pretty important, the community wouldn’t be a community without people like you. Please keep posting your insights, experiences, questions, responses, photos, help others, make friends & most importantly have fun!

Please report anything inappropriate: Don’t hesitate in reporting content that you may deem as offensive, inflammatory, abusive or inappropriate. Simply click on the ‘report’ button within the topic to send a message to the community manager. You will not be disclosed as the one who filed the report & your anonymity will be maintained.

We hope that you love our community as much as we do & cannot wait for you to start sharing your skin stories with us!

Your Community Manager,