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This is a place where you can share your skin stories with the rest of the community. No matter what it is, if you have a story to share, we would love to hear it!


i just got an ad on YouTube for this brand and it seems like everyone on the internet is raving about it so i'm going to pick up some tomorrow and hopefully it helps, i'm really excited to see how it will improve my skin and its very reassuring seeing all the wonderful photos and stories everyone is uploading!
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@YukaChan101 Yay which ones did you get? Please keep us updated!Read More...

Woohoo - Boots

Went into my local Boots and thought I'd take a photo of the display - I got some weird looks but felt SO proud to be part of this amazing journey.
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@racheltravel Wow Rachel - thanks so much for posting this!!! I love seeing YourGoodSkin products in the shops! 👏👏👏Read More...


happy to be apart of this community!passionate about skincare. its refreshing to see an affordable brand which has positive affects on the skin! excited to try more products!
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@WeeRach welcome & thank you for joining us! Have you remembered to invite your friends for discount vouchers?Read More...


hi All, i will be buying my products tomorrow. Really excited to try the acne range as I didn't find yet the perfect skin care for myself. Hopefully this will be the one. justyna xx
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@Justyna89 Glad youre getting good results! I haven't tried the exfoliating brightening wash yet, but really want too! SPF day cream is great, so light 😊Read More...


Hi beauties! My name is Kimberly. I live in TX with my hubby, 3-year old son and two dogs. I love fitness, reading & cooking. I was a member of the old Skin Matters community. I am super excited to be a part of this new community!
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Hi @keharbour - lovely to have you in the new community! Remember to invite up to 5 friends to the community and you will ALL receive a $5 off voucher for the Balancing Skin Concentrate!Read More...


The new site is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so excited to be a part of the launch of this product line and to have gotten invited to continue in the community. I can't wait to try the serum and to hear the news as the product line launches in the next few weeks!! Thanks for having me :)
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@Nicole Yay! Thanks so much for joining the new community! Remember to invite up to 5 friends and you will all receive a $5 off voucher for the Balancing Skin ConcentrateRead More...


Im Angela im 36 soon to be 37 i live inTexas I love being outdoors and running since joining this community from the begining(2015) I have gotten some awesome advice about to keep my aging skin young cant wait to see what all our input has created I'm super excited to continue on this journey with this community and a the new brand as well as all you lovely ladies!
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Welcome welcome @Conchita - good to have you on the new community!Read More...


Hello to all the ladies from all over the globe! My name is Bonita and I have been a member of the Skin Matters Community since March 2015. I live in Texas with a wonderful husband. No kids in the household. My son lives on his own. I have a 1 year old precious granddaughter. I enjoy reading books, magazines, learning beauty related tips, listening to music, exercising, cooking healthy meals, and traveling.
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@Bex Waving back at you! 🙋🏾


Just wanted to say hello and great to see you all again
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@Conchita Welcome back 💛


Morning All, My name is Rachel, and I live in Hampshire in the Uk with my husband, and two children - aged 7 and 3. I've been a community member for just less than a year, and love it - really feel like my comments are taken on board both positive and negative. I've had a rocky time with my skin - good days and bad days - worse when I had the kids - naughty hornones - but recently seems to be getting a bit better - phew! Look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.
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Hey @racheltravel - Super excited to have you on the new community with us! Invite up to 5 friends and you will all receive a £5 voucher for the Balancing Skin ConcentrateRead More...


Hi, Everyone!! I was a member of skin matters and I'm excited to be apart of this new community. I'm 23 years old, originally from New York and now live in Maryland for graduate school. I work full-time and go to school full-time but I enjoyed being a part of the Skin Matters Community and I'm sure I'll feel the same about this one.
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Hey @Niecy - so glad that you joined the new community Invite 5 friends to the community and you will all recieve a voucher for $5 off the Balancing Skin Concenrate!Read More...

Introducing myself!

Hi everyone! I'm Isabelle. I'm 25 and I live in Washington, DC. I've been part of the Skin Matters group since it started. Love beauty and makeup and fashion. I work full time and am getting my master's on the side, so love more of this "fun" stuff in my down time. I had skin cancer when I was younger, so am really looking to take good care of my skin now and in the future.
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Hi @isabelle8575 ! Thanks SO much for joining the new community - amazing to have you hereRead More...

Do you change your skincare routine when the weather changes?

The temperature first thing this morning here in the UK was into single figures (degrees celsius) BRRR! Finally a chance to take my brand new winter coat out for a test drive! I tend to find that my skin is definitely drier in the colder weather so I adapt my skincare routine & products around this. At the minute I'm using the YourGoodSkin™ Balancing Skin Concentrate twice a day, Blackhead Clearing Scrub, Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser ( I ❤️ a hot cloth cleanser) ProVitamin Overnight...
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@Bex For winters definitely there are most products on my desk than for any other season. I change from a regular moisturiser to body butter (usually from The Body Shop) as my skin gets drier (usually the legs). For the face I use more moisturiser and sometimes more times during the day. As I don't drink tremendous amounts of water it is really noticeable in the winter and my lips gets drier (Although that acts as a wonderful reminder and I end up drinking more in the winter just to make...Read More...

Tips & tricks for surviving the week ahead

Who doesn't want to feel like a brand new person on a Monday morning?! How do you all tackle the challenges that you face throughout the week? Any tips/tricks that you can share with us? My top tip for the week ahead would be to sign-up to the GoodSkinIn28 journey. You can chose to receive daily or weekly messages of encouragement & support, explaining the various changes that your skin will be going through on your first 28 days of using the Balancing Skin Concentrate 😊 oh & coffee...
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@Bex Coffee and more coffee. I exercise at lunch in the break room (my boss goes to the gym or runs outside depending on the weather so he doesn't care). I have started eating lunch (boss brings in food all the time so I had no choice. LOL) but I still struggle with eating breakfast. I used to eat once a day and now I eat twice a day. LOL Still don't snack though. Don't understand the concept. We never snacked growing up and I still don't.Read More...

Hello everybody !! delighted to be here with all

Estoy muy feliz de estar aquí contigo, soy sney, estoy casada tengo un matrimonio feliz, tengo un hijo, mascotas, y estoy orgulloso de pertenecer a asuntos de piel, y ahora muy orgulloso de estar en esta nueva comunidad
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@Sney Hola, Mucho gusto en conoserte. De donde eres?

new community

just want to say hi to everyone i am kim and it is nice to see the new comunity
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Hello everyone I'm Shannon and I'm so glad I joined.Read More...