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This is a place where you can share your skin stories with the rest of the community. No matter what it is, if you have a story to share, we would love to hear it!

Active Treatment Tonic

Week Three !!! Let's talk Active Treatment Tonic .... With green tea and soothing liquorice. Instantly cools your skin leaving it feeling refreshed as it gently helps clear and prevent blemishes. My photos last week showed spots round my mouth but look at this week's ..... Spot free. Excuse my hair I lost all my waist length hair recovering from coma and although it's growing I'm still thin on the sides (about time part of me was thin lol) # yourgoodskin # 28daychallenge # activetreatmenttonic
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😀👍

Am I doing something wrong?

I use the face wash, balancing skin and either day or night cream, with scrub inbetween days. I thought my spots where my monthly cycle aswell as being a new skin product. I’m finding I’m still gettin spots and blackheads popping up. I can’t see much difference in my skin and it’s been 2 weeks. I feel a little down with my spots x
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i know what you mean but sometimes you have to hold off and add everything at one time because even if your skin is not senstive you can always run in to issues then but it hard not to want everythingRead More...


So I had a chance to try the Purifying Mask. Here I am in my after-work hair glory. 😂 I experimented with the thickness of the mask, as I wasn’t sure what to do. This mask is way better than other clay masks I’ve tried! I don’t have to keep it on for 20 minutes before it dries! Even at its thickest parts, it was fully dry in 10 minutes. I believe the label when it says it only takes 5. I showered after to remove the mask, but it rinsed easily enough that I could do it with a cloth at the...
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well thank you for letting me know that will be next for me for sureRead More...

day 0 to day 28

well I have finished my 28days . I used 3 products #YGS concentrate #tonic and #dryness rescue . my skin looks brighter , healthier and feels a lot smoother . during this 28 days I continued to use my own cleanser and a sleep mask at night and I can feel the difference in my skin tone and texture , lines have become fainter and I feel more confident going out without any make up ( only wearing eyeliner and lipstick and some times a hint of blush ) I have more goodskin products to try so now...
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i know right looks great

from day one to day eight. In love with the changes

OMG so I’m about 8 days in and look at my skin so far!! My spots have pretty much all gone!! I’ve suffered with really bad acne from my teens until recently which has left really bad scaring on my cheeks but the scaring is actually starting to fade!!!! I never thought I would find a product that would help fade my scaring. The mark on my chin is where i was picking at a black head and made it bad however that’s fading now too! So in love
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oh you are very very welcome and we cannot wait for more pictures thank you so much for sharing this with usRead More...

Anyone try this olay

I can't review this yet I just started using it and it's suppose to be good for deep wrinkles
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you had never tried any of the olay products what so ever hmm i like themRead More...

Wonderful product

I have been using You Good Skin full line since it first came out in October of last year. I love this line and have recieved many compliments about my skin. I work for Walgreens and am a BC for them. My customers love it and it's so much fun to share my experiences with the product. It is a product that I believe in as well as my family and co workers. It is a must have in a good skin care regimen.
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i agree with you it was a wonderful review

Love my products

I've been using the products now for about 3 week's I've not got long till I've finished I im absolutely loving them, I will definitely be buying and carry on with YGS in the future my dryness has gone around my nose also my face is so soft and fresh/glowing all the time, I'm so looking forward to receiving my lip balms to try them I bet they are fantastic just like the rest xx 😊 more updates to come lovely ladies xx 😊
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i agree

Surprise package!

I just received my package from Zyper with all these great products from YGS to try and review them! I am so excited! I have been using the concentrate for several months now and I am absolutely addicted to this concentrate. Can't wait to try the Anti-Oxidant Day Cream with SPF30, the Purifying Treatment Mask and the Refreshing Face Wash in combination with the concentrate!
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Congrats!

New purchase

just purchased the night cream. Excited to be trying it. Wanted the hot cleanser and scrub but not available in my pharmacy.
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@Shell5 i agree with you on them products also

This is my last week

Hiya lovely ladies I just thought I'd let you all know thus is my last week of my 28 day challenge and I can not believe my skin these products are amazing they leave my skin soft and sleek I absolutely love them I'm so happy to be a part of the product testing but most of all to be in this fantastic group of amazing ladies, I hope I can carry on talking to you lovely lot also writing reviews about these fantastic products I will update when my last day is, I just thought id let you all know...
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@kelceyryder get going with the facbook thing so i know it is you and some crazy freak lolRead More...

Skin and hair care

Hi everyone, I have just bought from this store gozeen selling Bio cosmetics. I bought Barbary fig oil, normally I use Argan oil, but they say that Barbary fig oil has benefits 3 times than Argan, so I just wanted to try new thing, for the first time I used this product. It seems effective, especially moisturizing. https://gozeen.com/
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@Sai thank you again i was thinking that but i didnt want to bother bexRead More...


Hi Ladies.. My mum's getting old now, as they do love her.. but there's one thing thats knocking her confidence for six, which is the redness in her face, now im not sure what to suggest, does YGS do anything that is specific for redness on the face? Thankyou for reading!!
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@helenrachel123 oh how wonderful to hear even your ma noticed that is great to hearRead More...

All about eyes!

Hi Ladies! Do you currently have any issues such as puffy eyes or dark circles? Or any other issues that involves the skin around your eyes? If so, how long have you had the problem for? Do you use any products to treat this? If so, which ones? Have you found any that work really well? What would be your ideal format of an eye product? (cream, serum, oil etc.)? What would be the benefits of your ideal eye product? What would you like it to do? 😳👀👁
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@Taewow 👍

My kitten

My kitten Cinnamon loves the YGS products for sure as soon as she knows I have them on she wants to lick my chin then she thinks it's really good and then she bites my chin but she don't do that any other time
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@vanessa6297 yes all my pets to iget them fixed it is the righ thing to do with all these unwanted animals out thereRead More...

Lets Talk Spots and Rapid Rescue Treatment

I suffer spots down from the corners of my mouth. They started from where tubes were taped to my face whilst i was in a coma. For the last year theyve come back every week, changing sides. Im in week two of my 28day challenge and ive concentrated this week on my annoying pimples !!! The Rapid Rescue Treatment is wonderful, you apply the tiniest drop and it instantly cools the nasty, angry little pimple !! Over night it drys up and by the next day its on its way out !! So easy to use, i love...
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@Taewow i know right we all are happy they are workingRead More...


I tried both of these products yesterday for the very first time I fell in😍 love with them as soon as I put them on I could tell right away how soft my skin felt and I do have very dry skin these smell so good very light scent and it was very cold and windy here yesterday didn't have to worry about wind burn at all and they lasted all day long never did my skin feel this soft in I don't know how long love these
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@Taewow 👍

YGS 3-step routine

Hi Ladies! I am keen to know if any of you are using (at least) a 3 step regime from YGS? So, this would be if you are using (minimum) a YGS cleanser, the Balancing Skin Concentrate and a YGS moisturiser. If so, I would love it if you could answer the following questions: What results have you seen using the 3 step regime from YGS? Please explain in as much detail as you can! How have you found this regime compared to ones from other brands? How do they compare? Have you tried any 3 step...
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@luneangeli please keep me updated on how you like this so i know because i do love there products alsoRead More...


Sadly I am going to have to stop using the moisturiser as I am starting to have a sensitivity reaction to it, whenever I use the product my eyes have started to stream with tears. No issue with the skin serum so I will keep using that and the gel cleanser, just can’t keep using the moisturiser any longer. Anyone else having this issue?
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@DonnaB I had this problem when I was passing the moisturizer too close to the eye area, or when I ran my hand over my face and then passed my hand over my eyes during the day. But since I stopped doing that, I did not have any more problems.Read More...

I got a surprise in the mail

Once again no one told me I had a package and I opened this this morning and I didn't order this so I don't how I got this but I so excited
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@JanCornwall OMG really i hope you are feeling better and yes i hope the little ones dont get it because the flu is goingg around how about over there is the flu break out really bad to? they are asking us to get another flu shot even thou we had them get better soon miss chatting with youRead More...

Tips on how to properly use the products..

Good day ladies. As I was looking for best acne regimen for myself, I bumped to yourgoodskin and I saw a lot of reviews of this products. It has been four days now and it seemed no result and seemed my acne is getting more. I bought cream cleanser,then use active treatment tonic, then the balancing skin concentrate ,rapid rescue treatment,then anti acne base lotion and lastly the spf 30 anti-oxidant day cream in the morning and provitamin overnight cream at night. Just wondering if I am...
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@Taewow you are so welocme

day 0 to week 2

just thought id share my start picture to my 2 weeks in picture ... first 2 pictures are day zero( no YGS products used and pictures 3,4 are after using YGS after 2 weeks of use
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@rachel2601 wow them are some great products i am excited for you and you are right one product at a time is the best that is what we all did when we first startd out which was great and now you have a good collection going on i dont have anymore room for all mine it is crazy because they are great my son even uses the claming fach wash and loves it he told me that it was the best product i have bought him for his face i was happy to hear it because he is a mechainc and gets all kind so...Read More...

Points and Prizes REVEALED!

Hi ladies, I know you have all been waiting to find out what the new points mean. I can finally tell you - woo! This is how many points you receive for completing certain actions: Follow content - 5 points Follow member - 5 points Post comment/reply - 5 points Follow blog post - 10 points Post topic - 10 points Like post - 5 points Starting GoodSkinIn28 - 30 points Finishing GoodSkinIn28 - 40 points Inviting a new member and they accept the invitation - 50 points Sharing post on...
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@blondie14225 😊

Would you like to give your feedback on a new product idea for YGS?

Happy Friday lovely ladies! Would you be interested in taking part in a special task that will go live soon It will be held in private discussion where we will ask you to look at a potential new YourGoodSkin product. We will ask you for your honest feedback on the idea! Let me know if you want to come join the discussion!
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@Taewow 👀