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This is a place where you can share your skin stories with the rest of the community. No matter what it is, if you have a story to share, we would love to hear it!

Raffle Prizes

Hi ladies! Here are the October prizes - good luck!!! 1st place raffle prize winner for £100/$100 is... @Bulldog 2nd place raffle prize winners for £50/$50 are... @Debbie Hughes @kelceyryder @Yasmina Escobar Leon 3rd place raffle prize winners for £20/$20 are... @RoseMHall @Shell5 @Ruiyyanko @toyya28 @Macca 4th place raffle prize...
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@Bex Congrats to all. Once again I've seen these names with lots of meaningful contributionsRead More...

Missing me well Ibeen in Hospital with Cellulitis

🤔 I was hospitlized this past tuesday and got out friday with a lot of cheese shown to my doctor lol. I was tired of the hospital and wanted to resume my care at home. I been stricken with this in a little over a week.
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@mariebow So sorry that you been in the hospital, but glad you're feeling better.Read More...

4th bottle of serum

I really can't not live with out this serum my skin just loves it even got my sister's onto it
Replies 12
@Kentrach it is a wonderful product. I love it too😀Read More...


Hi ladies, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I am going to be posting a series of discussions about different skin conditions over the next couple of weeks. The first one is about eczema, so if this is something that you suffer from, we would love it if you could answer the below questions: How many of you suffer from eczema? What do you do to keep your skin condition under control? Where do you get your information/advice regarding your skin conditions? What...
Replies 29
@Bex Thankfully I don't.

Thank you

Hi Happy new year ladies I just discovered your products today as I went into Boots I ran out of face cream and was going to buy my usual sanctuary face cream but I saw your products and thought I’d try it I’m so glad I did thank you your hot face cloth and cream and day cream is so nice my skin feels amazing Thank you x Sheena
Replies 6
@Coco welcome to YGS and hope you like the products as much as I doRead More...

Wow loving my skin

Can’t believe on day 56, I’ve just applied eyeliner and lipgloss to go out.lovinh my skin. Happy New Year xx
Replies 7
Looking wonderful @Sarah Merrett So glad you have seen amazing results. Happy New Year! xRead More...

Winter skincare

Hi Ladies! Has it got colder where you are living? The last couple of days have got really cold in London so I'm preparing for my winter skin routine as my skin gets really dry. Last winter I had really bad eczema but this year it has not come up yet, luckily. Do you do anything different in terms of your skincare routine in Winter? Do you have any specific products that you only use at this time of year? Do you see any differences in your skin when the weather gets colder or does it stay...
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@ReneeF I did know either until I saw it in Dr. OzRead More...

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel

Hi ladies! I have a different type of discussion for you today! Our friends over at Tea Tree & Witch Hazel would love to hear your opinions on a few things - I said that the wonderful women on this community would be more than happy to help! Please read the questions below and answer completely honestly as you always do 😊 1. Have you ever tried Tea Tree & Witch Hazel products? If so, what are your opinions of the fragrance? 2. Please have a look at the below image of the Tea Tree...
Replies 37
@monica.ellis “Enjoy your special day,as we at YGS enjoy your presence,Monica”. 🥰💋🌹Read More...

Loving it

Hello ladies its my third day of my 28 days and I am very happy with what I’m seeing. Just saying. Whom ever is experiencing challenges don’t give up. I’ve videotaped myself from day one and could see a difference in just 3days and believe me I needed help 🌹
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I read it @Pica flor amazing selfie story 😊 so happy your getting great results!Read More...

Balancing cream and moisturiser

hi all, I’ve been using the balancing cream as a moisturiser...should I be using a moisturiser as well??? I have oily skin and it seems to be particularly bad at the moment. Thanks! Xxx
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@Helen Capodici Yes, you will definitely need to use a moisturiser afterwards 😊 You use the concentrate in place of a serum!Read More...

Festive period

Hi Ladies! Is everyone ready for the festive period?! I would love to see any pictures of your decorated houses if you have done this already! What are your plans over this period? Do you have any family traditions that you will be repeating this year? Have you got any parties coming up? If so, what look will you be going for this year? Me and my family usually go up to our house in the Lake District (UK) but we are not doing that this year so I think I will be having a quiet one at home,...
Replies 94
@Bex we put up no decorations because our golden retriever will eat anything that is not glued to the floor. Our "Christmas tree" is a tree shaped scented night light I got from Bath and Body works!! My sister is coming from Texas for Christmas and I hate to look like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so a few days before she arrives I'm gonna hang some red ribbons on the curtains and other places the dog can't reach. My parents had cats that tore into every Christmas decoration they put up...Read More...

Surgery Scars

Hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been away forever, but I needed to have major surgery that made things difficult for a while. The nerves that go to my hand were covered in scar tissue that was causing major problems. Long story short, I lost a rib, two neck muscles, and the use of my arm for a bit. It’s been 4 weeks now, and I’m back to doing some of the things I’ve been missing! Does anyone have any tips for reducing scars? I’m going to try some silicone strips, but I thought it would be a...
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Its an oil for scars and stretch marks. It’s better for the new scars, but I’m sure over time it would help slightly fade old ones too! I’ve used it for almost 20 years.Read More...

Make-Up Bags / What’s in yours?”

This is my idea of a makeup bag. “Whatsh “?! They are tools,you know.., They fix our faces..,🥰
Replies 52
@Bex ”Wow,Bex”! I thought that was your natural beauty. You’re bag probably weighs more than you do! 😉 Thanks for responding! Other girls have even better ideas,if you haven’t read them yet;get going,girlfriend. We’re all rolling with creativity in making YGS the best it could be. And with your help,the sky’s the limit!Read More...

Facial Brushes.

So I have a question for anybody that knows something about facial Skincare Brushes... How do you keep them clean?!! I won a raffle not too long ago and got the Softening Facial Brush. I LOVED it! It was cute and came with that little stand/holder. But litterally after the 2nd-3rd use I felt like I was rubbing dirt back in to my face and the smell or discoloration didnt help either. I was super sad since the brush worked. It gave me a deep clean that I could not get from just using my...
Replies 39
I blot my brush dry with a towel when I get out. We have kind of hard water here, so when cleaning th tub, I also spray it with my vinegar/Dawn dish soap mixture. The discoloration goes away and the mixture has antibiotic properties. I second the baby sterilizer! I’ll rememver that when we have a little one.Read More...

Black Friday Deals Walgreens

Right now you can get YGS products at Walgreens for a good deal. Whey you buy two the third is for free! Today they have also 30 % extra discount with the code SAVE30! Time to stock up!
Replies 9
@Hendrika Amazing deal, thanks for letting us know!

Black Friday

Great deal on Boots for Black Friday https://www.boots.com/YourGoodSkin-3-minute-regime-bundle-10259252
Replies 10
@Rach4down Amazing deal, thanks so much for sharing this!

4th day

evening ladies well another day all seemed well but today I noticed a little break out around my chin line, by the jaw headed towards my ears nothing major will monitor it. I don’t think it’s a bad thing I think my face is getting a good cleaning with the products and it’s ok. Will keep you posted 🌹
Replies 13
@Pica flor Hello! The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing...Read More...

New YGS video!

Have you seen our new YGS video!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0HMfw-N7T0&t=1s Would love to know what your thoughts are ladies!
Replies 33
@Bex yes

New product revealed!

Meet the new Revitalizing Foaming Wash! The soft, velvet foam gently lifts away make-up, daily impurities & excess oil. From first use skin looks radiant & feels instantly refreshed. Would love to know what you think?!
Replies 30
I looked in my local walgreens. I will see if I can order online. Cant wait to tryRead More...

Nonenal- That “Old man’ smell “.

I’m 58 years old and beginning to notice this familiar odor on my person. I’ve purchased everything under the sun to be rid of it with no positive,nor permanent results. Any suggestions,ladies? Now,don’t be embarrassed like me. It doesn’t mean you’re getting old,it’s a normal procession..,but of what cruelty,I do not know. 😋 What I do know is the fact that we’ll all get it at some point in life.
Replies 22
@Hannah What a wonderful sounding solution,Hannah! But I just hope,that if I do ingest the essential oils,it won't make the odor worse,Hon. And lately,thus far,it's been subsidizing somewhat. It's probably a symptom of coming into age,and once it's acknowledged,it dissipates. Wishful thinking,huh? I remember wishing the same thing during menstruation...and it did stop. 😉Read More...

A favour to ask!

Hi Ladies! If you have used our Purifying Treatment Mask, I would love it if you could please give it a review for us via the link below! If you have a few mins spare I would be soooo grateful - thank you! x UK: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/u...fying-treatment-mask US: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/shop/cleanse/purifying-treatment-mask
Replies 26
@Bex I just tried to post my review but the link still does not appear to be working. I like the Purifying Treatment Mask-it is quick and easy to use. My only complaint is it does not rinse off as easily as I would have thought. I used less product the second time, but it still took longer than expected to completely wash offRead More...

Skincare as a gift

Hi Ladies! How are you all doing? I have started doing some Christmas shopping this week and it has got me wondering, would you buy skincare as a gift? Have you ever bought skincare as a gift for someone in the past? If so, who was it for? What did you buy them? If you wouldn't buy skincare as a gift, why not? What are your reasons for this? Would love to know your thoughts on this one! x
Replies 41
@Bex I have bought skincare items as gifts. Sometimes it has been single items and sometimes gift sets. I've done this for family and friends. Last year I even bought a gift set and then divided the pieces between multiple family members as stocking stuffers. Since some people are particular about their products (like me) I am careful about how much I spend unless I know them well.Read More...

Vote for YGS!

Hi Ladies! Please vote for the YGS Soothing Micellar Water! We are up for an award in Beauty Magazine! You will find it in the Best New Facial Cleansing Product category! 😊 https://www.beauty-magazine.co.uk/vote x
Replies 28
@Bex I received a message stating the voting has already closed. Hope it wins the award! 😃Read More...