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Cruelty free?

Can someone tell me please if these products are animal free and also if they are vegan? I cant find any info on this which worries me.
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@cricket2012 sorry to see you go 😳


Hello! I am glad to be a part of the Good Skin community. However when I downloaded the app and tried to sign in with my google account, which is the account that I signed up with,I get an error code which want let me sign in. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still won't let me sign into the app. Any suggestions to help me use the app?
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@Sai i do need to delete some of my apps thou and then i will probably do it because it is so much simplier to post pics and stuff of your products etcRead More...

Emails for new topics?

Is this forum set up so that I should get emails for new topics, or do I just have to check back? I thought not much was going on for it, and it turns out I just didn't get any emails about new posts and didn't think to look in the interim. Thanks!
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@krw glad this was helpful to you😀

My product

I have yet to receieve my Good Skin prpoduct. I have gotten emails saying it's o the way. But it never comes. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to wonder if this community is real or fake.. I'm sorry but to me it's a community that gives false hopes
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@Babe1023 You might want to switch of your 'like' notifications. Some members click on like when they read over old posts! Some may be just replying to old posts!!Read More...

28 day challenge

Hi everyone .... great to be here Ive been invited to join the 28 day challenge. Im excited and ready to go. How long do you normally wait to receive the products ?
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@Bex hi, ive sent them an email. Thank you

Cruelty free and China

Hi folks are your products and their ingredients tested on animals? Do you sell in countries where animal testing is required by law? Like China for example.
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@Kirstymac74 yes they are because they are not made in chinaRead More...


Hey there! I just finished my 28 day challenge and feel great. I will continue to use the serum. However, I have always had large pores on my nose. Is there anything I can use that will help with this? I am looking forward to trying more products!!
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@Kellz83 I also have large pores on my nose. I would like to try the pore minimizing tonic at some point but am starting with the acne clearing tonic first.Read More...


signed up for the challenge and have received e-mail this morning asking how I’m getting on 2weeks into it? But I have not received any skincare products to try? Help
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Hi Jean, You will need to reset the GoodSkinIn28 Guide - it seems you may have clicked it by accident. You will need to purchase the Balancing Skin Concentrate before beginning the trial: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/u...ing-skin-concentrate Hope that helps but let me know if you need anything elseRead More...


Hi all can anyone tell me the email address for your good skin please? The customer service number doesn't work and the email they gave me just bounces. Thanks so much dannie
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@Muffin55 Thats great...enjoy your products 😊

Where does YGS fit in the Boots portfolio?

Hi I have a question about how customers navigate the range of Boots brands. With Time Delay, No. 7 and now this - and that's leaving other ranges eg Tea Tree out - how do we know what's best and what to choose? If I'm someone who would normally look in a range for middle aged skin (I'm 49), where do I go now?
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Hi @FlorrieDorrie - welcome to the community! Time Delay and No7 are focussed on anti-aging. Tea Tree and Witch Hazel is more for younger, acne-prone skin. YourGoodSkin is aimed at those who want to achieve healthy looking skin - it is suitable for all skin types and ages. Hope this answers your question! Please let me know if you have any other queries.Read More...

Product has not come

My free product has not come. I got an 3mail saying it was on the way and then an email for the 28 day help but no product. Can it be checked on? I am very disappointed.
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Ok. Thanks


Hello, You invited me in Instagram, but you don't have my address and I haven't tell you wich products I want to try. How will you know?
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Hi @Pavli - could you please give me some more information on this? We don't invite people to Instagram so would be great to hear some more.Read More...

Five days in

hi I recently purchased the balance skin concentrate, antioxidant moisturiser, mask and exfoliate. I have broken out with a fair number of spots since- would u reccomend keep with it or stop?
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Hi @paula-ann kendall Could you please let me know a few more details: What is your current routine? Which exfoliating wash are you using and how many times a week? How many times a week are you using a mask? Does your skin have a tendency to break out? (e.g. around your period) What is your skin type? Did you start to break out straight away after using the product? How long it took before they started to appear?Read More...

Free product: balancing skin concentrate

Hi Bex, I registered on September 22 and I have not yet received the product. Are they still being sent out? I would really really LOVE to try this and complete the 28 day thing. Thank you, Kimber
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@Kimber It should be with you very soon if not already!Read More...

Good skin in 28

Hi Bex, I was browsing the new mobile app and I think I accidentally started the good skin in28 countdown. Could you please reset it if possible, thanks. Sai
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@Bex Thank you Bex!

Address Issue

Hi Bex, Sister @Michelle Damore registered for the community yesterday (through Google signup) but there was no option for her to put her address into her profile. There were just no fields for it. I think I remember other people saying they had this issue but I don't know what the resolve was. Hoping she can still get her complimentary Balancing Skin Concentrate! Thanks.
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@Bex thanks for keeping us posted!

Have a concern!

I don't see my address fields under my Profile page. As such I could not enter my address. I am not sure how I will receive the Free Skin concentrate product. Someone please help me.
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@recentyear12 I am looking into this for you and will get back to you ASAPRead More...