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What to use

Hi would any one be able to let me know the best products to use please been noticing a few celebs try your good skin n good reviews n it’s won me over just would like to know what’s best for my skin i have combination skin n some black heads on my nose n chin where it can get oily and do get blemishes each month.... what’s the best routine n products please Thanks
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You've gotten good advice. I also would start with the balancing concentrate for the 28 day challenge and go from there and add an appropriate cleanser.Read More...

More breakouts

Hi all, new here I started using YGS 4 days ago and I’ve been getting more spots since, is this normal. Thanks
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Don’t give up . I was about to and I kept going . I’m in the middle of a pms break out right now but I will tell you it’s more mild that what I’m used to .Read More...

Post to Australia ?

Hi Guys, I Love your products, recently purchasing them in New York from a store, my question is as Australia is my home country, do you ship to here ? Thnx
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@Taewow Thnxyou excellent idea I will do 😊

YGS newbie..any suggestions for a skincare routine

Hey, i just picked up 6 YGS products & I’m wondering how best to use them in a routine. [Pic] *Somehow I picked up too many cleansers & cant return them Im also planning on continuing with a toner, essence (Kiehls), light weight moisturizer (Simple), Hylarunoic acid serum (Pure&Clear) & nighttime oil (Kiehls) that I already have until they’re used up. About my skin: 😏 Over the past 3 months I’ve been riddled with outbreaks and I have dark spots as a result [Pic] i don’t wear...
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@SoPheonaH I would recommend using them in this order 😊 1. One of the YGS cleansers 2. Toner 3. Serum 4. Moisturiser 5. OilRead More...


Is there a uva rating for the day cream with spf?
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Thanks for the information

Anti blemish base lotion

Hi everyone I'm new here so please bear with me as I might end up being very long winded!! I started using ygs products recently. The spf moisturisers absolutely great, love the fact that I don't have to use a separate suncream. I just started adding in the concentrate and anti blemish lotion to the routine as well. My question was, can the anti blemish lotion cause dry flaky skin and if so should I use it less often? I've got patches of dry skin on both corners of my mouth which I think...
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That's true. I normall never use toners because of this reason. However, I actually started using the glycolic toner about a month before starting the ygs concentrate and didn't have a problem at all. In fact it actually made my skin look so much healthier!!Read More...

YGS Concentrate

hi all, just purchased the skin concentrate. Do you use it alone or under a moisturiser? Xx
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@Krhall you use it before mosituriser, good look with your challengeRead More...


hola! Compré la limpiadora , crema de día y de noche, tiene suero y cepillo y e botado q me ha salido un rash parecido a acné
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@Michelle Vazquez Yo recomendaría que le preguntes a Bex. tal vez deberías probar un producto a la vez para que tu piel pueda usar los nuevos productosRead More...

Chossing right products

Hi everyone I’ve done the 28 day challenge and was wondering if I’ve chosen the right products. I have the brightening face wash & exfoliater, the serum and day and night cream. While my skin feels great I still have red blotches on cheeks and chin and my pores are still visible on nose. Has anyone got any advice on what ygs products may be better to help tackle these issues. Mnay thanks xx
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@EmmaR I would recommend the pore minimising tonic as it has definitely helped my enlarged and visible poresRead More...

Given up

I signed up to trial for 28days oh 4 months ago. Never heard a thing very sad. Was the 3rd party who signed me up a con? So long ago I dont remember their name, think it began with z but idk😕
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Thanks Bex

No sign of products...

I have still not received the free products for the 28 day challenge even though I received an email to say I'd be receiving them after signing up via Instagram. The FAQ says it will only take 3-5 days, but it has now been two weeks.
Replies 27
@Ruiyyanko welcome to the community and hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy your productsRead More...

Good skin

Are the good skin products safe to use during pregnancy? My skin is awful at the moment. Thanks
Replies 9
Great advice and exactly what I would recommend as well.Read More...

What am I missing....?

I keep seeing people talking about receiving free product, free bags and drawings. I have no concept how to take advantage of these goodies. I am in day #6 and very happy with YGS products. I was able to use Walgreens 2 for 3, plus a $5 coupon to get started, but u LOVE coupons, freebies and specials. Could someone please help tell me about giveaways, etc? Thank you in advance!
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@Judie . Its summed up well here with @Sai postRead More...

Cruelty Free Skincare

Hiya, I'm interested in buying this new product for my daughter as she suffers with an oily Tzone. As she's training to become a veterinary nurse she is keen to ensure all products she uses are cruelty free and not tested on animals. Could you confirm this is the case for Your Good Skin. Thank you
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@Daisy D here’s a confirmation from our community manager about the YGS products being cruelty free.Read More...


hi everyone. Anyone breastfeeding while using these products? Not sure if I should while nursing. Thanks in advance.
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@Bex yes that is good advice

Receiving product/stolen package?

Does the product normally take a long time to get here? I signed up, did my post, and it has been 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten or heard anything. I sent an email last week but never got a response. Just curious if I did something wrong or no longer qualify its ok, I just want to make sure it wasn't delivered but stolen or lost in mail. I was out of town a few days so it could have been taken off my porch. Of course I could just be being impatient and this is normal ha! Thanks for your ...
Replies 10
@Kanderson75 👍

Not received product.

Hi I was accepted onto the 28 day challenge few weeks ago and still haven’t received any products. Anyone else? I did my pre challenge selfie and have been receiving weekly emails as if I was taking part. Just had one today saying I’m in the final week!! Oh and even had an invite to a photo shoot in london! Which obviously I couldn’t go to as I hadn’t even participated yet. I have emailed the company just wondering if anyone else was in the same situation. Thankyou.
Replies 36
@Kim Holt good to hear


hi i keep recieving emails to write reviews but i havent received my products yet in the post??
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@Sai hopefully! lets keep our fingers crossed

New menopause products

I am a member of the menopause room and have been told about your new skincare to help with the dreaded menopause. I tried to email but had no luck with the address so I joined your group and am pleased I did. Anything that can help deal with the effects of the menopause is brilliant and I am happy to receive details regarding the new products. I welcome the chance to receive any samples if possible. Thankyou.
Replies 12
@Jane Dingley also welcome to this community i know you will love it as much as we doRead More...

Cruelty free?

Can someone tell me please if these products are animal free and also if they are vegan? I cant find any info on this which worries me.
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@cricket2012 sorry to see you go 😳


Hello! I am glad to be a part of the Good Skin community. However when I downloaded the app and tried to sign in with my google account, which is the account that I signed up with,I get an error code which want let me sign in. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it still won't let me sign into the app. Any suggestions to help me use the app?
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@Sai i do need to delete some of my apps thou and then i will probably do it because it is so much simplier to post pics and stuff of your products etcRead More...

Emails for new topics?

Is this forum set up so that I should get emails for new topics, or do I just have to check back? I thought not much was going on for it, and it turns out I just didn't get any emails about new posts and didn't think to look in the interim. Thanks!
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@krw glad this was helpful to you😀