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There's no question too small! Whatever you'd like answered, Bex our Community Manager will be happy to help.

Not received

Hi Bex, I would like you to know that I didn't received yet the Balancing Skin Concentrate from YourGoodSkin.
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The products are dispatched from the UK so they'll take a bit of time reaching the US.Read More...

Never Received Reward

@Bex I received the below email back on 9/18/17 and replied right away, but never heard back or received code. Can you please look into this for me? Thanks! Re: Prize From: Michelle Guess <> To: Skin-Matters <Skin-Matters@mmr-research.com> Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 1:19 pm Hello, I was unaware. I would like Amazon USA please & thank you so much! Michelle Guess -----Original Message----- From: MMR RW Skin Matters <Skin-Matters@mmr-research.com>...
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@chellester I will send you an email about this

SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream

@Bex Hi there, I was just wondering does this cream (SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream) have both UVA and UVB protection? Thanks, Roisin
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Hi @RoisinNiC yes, the Anti-Oxidant Day Cream has as much UVA protection as UBV! Let me know if you need any more helpRead More...

Acne scars

Hey there, what products from the YourGoodSkin range would you recommend to buy and use, to tackle adult acne scars and textured skin ?
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Hi @sana1995 Thanks so much for the question. I would recommend that you use the Balancing Skin Concentrate in order to help with the texture of your skin. Please find more details here: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/u...ing-skin-concentrate For any acne products, please have a look at our Acne Range: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/shop/blemish-clearing Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to helpRead More...


Hi Bex, I am not sure but I'm not getting notifications in my email account. Not a huge factor because I log on throughout the day to check, but I don't want to miss out of important assignments and topics.
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@mdunnings your welcome!

email notifications

@Bex hello i keep getting every single notification via email when someone responds to a topic, i turn email notifications off but it comes right back on I only want to receive notifications about new topics, how do I fix this? thank you
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@Bex aww...so sweet.


Hi Bex! Since I've started telling my family in the UK about my journey with the skin matters community till date, I was wondering since a lot of us old crew didn't get to try products or have our pics or videos on any kind of advertising or the new community....could you let me know who made it on the wall of community members at the launch party back in August. It was hard to spot who was who in the email sent with a pic from Philippa. Maybe some how all those on the wall of pics could be...
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That's great Bex! Thank u 😀

Our New Home

@Bex Hey Bex🤗 My question is how do I become aware of when a new topic/assignment is posted so that I can participate? I don't get emails of a new topic. I only receive emails of when I have a mention, like etc. How does our new home actually work?
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@Bex Thanks👍

Free, full-size Balancing Skin Concentrate

@Bex Got an email saying Join before 8th October , and we’ll send you a free , full-size Balancing Skin Concentrate worth $19.99! At no point did I enter an address or give that information. How is this sent to me? Thanks!
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@rexyb1213 I am looking into this for you and will get back to you ASAPRead More...


Hi, I am from Michigan, 2 cats, and this site sounds fun, interesting and we start off with a home test product. Perfect for me, I love gifts. And my skin loves lotions, and potions. Hi!! :-)
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@MsMaddie Thanks so much for joining! Great to have you in the new community 😘Read More...

What is the Use of Points

Hi Bex Can you please tell me what is the use i mean role of points in this Community and want to know are there any other rewards...
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@elizah It will all be revealed soon I promise!!!!

Can't wait to try my products!

Just bought the skin concentrate, calming cleanser and night cream. Super excited to try them out tonight and hopefully see some good results!
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@esodii Ahh - so exciting! Please keep us updated! If you haven't already, sign up to our GoodSkinIn28 coach to help you along the way: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/28-day-coachRead More...

Just joined in!

Just wanted to say, Thank you for the warm welcome. This seems to be a quite friendly community@BeI I am happy to be a part of it. Reading what all the ladies are saying your product seems to be really good. I have been looking for a good product for a long time. I have normal skin, but the wrinkles sure have taken their toll over the years. Was nice getting to meet you.
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@gingerbaby Thank you so much for joining! I'm so pleased to have you with us Please do let me know if you have any questions and have fun!Read More...

Which product to buy

Hello I am part of the menopause room and seen this product this morning so decided to join but need to get the product later when I go in town.....there are so many different products so can someone please tell me which I need to get ....thank you
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Hi @Georgina Davies I would definitely recommend the Balancing Skin Concentrate as this improves the 5 key signs of healthy skin: radiance, moisture levels, oiliness, skin tone evennesss and skin texture. What is your skin type? Do you have any specific skin concerns?Read More...

Missing cream

I am still waiting for the cream I haven't received any
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@susanannalexander@gmail.com You should receive an email shortly. Can I advise that you change your screen name to something other than your email address? At the moment, everyone on the community is able to view this.Read More...

Adding my sis

@Bex I sent my sister the link to join but i guessed she mistakenly deleted it, can you please help me re add her @ doyintopedaramola@yahoo.com before the deadline? Thanks
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Thanks

Community Guidlines

Just a little heads-up to point you towards our YourGoodSkin™ Community Guidelines. When you have a free moment please familiarise yourselves with these. https://community.yourgoodskin.com/pages/community-guidelines We're not big fans of dictating the rules so they basically say 'be nice to people'! ❤️
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@Sai agree


Good Morning Bex and the SkinCare Community, I am very happy to have received the invite to participate in the New Community this morning! I have to say I really like the New Your Good Skin Community website and webpages. Great design and graphics and very presentable! Have a great day! Miracles
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Hi Miracles Thank you for joining our community and for the lovely words about the website design! I cannot wait to hear all everyones skincare stories as we go on this exciting journey together. BexRead More...