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Hi , I was wondering if anyone had any experience of using these products with psoriasis amd what the best ones to use are ? I have plaque psoriasis meaning i get dry flakey patches build up in my eyebrows, cheeks, nose and forehead my skin has been amazing ober the summer and the psoriasis had cleared up but now the cold weather had caused my skit to get dry again and im starting to get dry flakey patches and my skin os very red. It's quite distressing i feel like ik constantly a mess as...
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@Bex Thank You x


Hi, I’ve notice in my profile that I’ve got some points. Can someone pls explain what are they for and how do you earn them. Thank you x
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@magda_k_010 you earn points when you participate in the forums, by liking,commenting and answering beauty questions, you will learn more when you familiarize yourself with the topics.Read More...


Since using these products I don't feel as though my skin is getting enough hydration. It often feels tight... and although I don't want too much shine I don't want matt skin unless I have applied something to make it matt.... starting to worry it's not doing my skin as much good as previous products?? Anyone else have these problems?
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@Zzebedy The Pore Minimizing Tonic may be what is causing your face to dry out if you are not used to using a product like this. I would recommend to stop using that product for a while to see if that is causing the dryness.Read More...

Safety in pregnancy

Hello I was just wondering if your products are safe to use during pregnancy? I have hormonal spots so looking at your blemish range?
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Great question.

Product suggestions

What products would you suggest, I have oily acne prone skin along with rosacea flare ups. Have tried many other product ranges but nothing seems to improve my skin. I am on a budget so suggestions for a few products to get me started that will work well together? Thanks
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Hi @Loving - welcome to the community! I would recommend the blemish clearing range for your acne: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/shop/blemish-clearing We also have a mattifying range that will help with oiliness: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/shop/mattifying Would definitely also recommend using the Balancing Skin Concentrate (after cleanser, before moisturiser) as it is clinically proven to reduce oiliness: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/shop/restore Hope that helps but please do let...Read More...

Night cream

Hi all have recently started using.the range and quite like it.... I am and have been a Liz Earle fan for years so was hard to make the decision to try something new. The only thing so far I don't seem to be able to get away with it the night cream. I don't feel it's enough.... seems to soak in but feels like I need a bit more.... I have been using but with a little Liz Earle super skin oil on top..... Anyone else think the same ?
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@Zzebedy Thanks for sharing your story


I just signed up last night...do you buy the products or do they send you the products for a honest review? Thanks for your help!
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Hi @Jenlynnew You can get some free products to try if you sign up to be a beauty influencer. If you would like to be considered for this, please send me a private messageRead More...

Tackling Oily skin whilst having Dry skin?

Hi guys So I'm confused, I tried the tester the concentrate on the other day and loved the smell and smoothness so thought why not buy it. However when I went to buy it ?, I saw it tackles oily skin and restores moisture levels however if it tackles oily skin how can this concentrate then be for dry skin. Surely this would make my skin dryer over time?! And if yes then what's for dry skin, since the cream has no testers however one assumes it probably has a thicker consistency which is not...
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@Rally Oily skin doesn't necessarily mean it is moisturised (it can be dehydrated) and the ingredients in the BSC can improve moisture levels: sebum levels are re-balanced with sphinganine and the dehydration tackled with the Japanese lily turf. Dry skin is dehydrated by definition and Japanese lily turf (alongside other ingredients) will increase the skin moisture levels while sphingonine will improve the skin sebum levels. BSC has been tested on all skin types and it has been proven to...Read More...

Newbie here! Using different brands on the 28 day challenge

Hi Erin The products I received are: Makeup remover wipes; Pore minimizing tonic; InstantDryness Rescue and Balancing Skin concentrate. No Day cream or night cream. What's your thoughts on using different brands on the challenge. I know I would much prefer to use YGS day and night cream but I probably won't be able to go buy them before Friday! Should I delay the start of the challenge or just use my existing products, L'Oreal by the way. Thanks in anticipation Bridie x
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@Bridie Hey!! So glad you were able to get more YourGoodSkin! How many days are you now?Read More...

Dry Skin

I have very dry skin in the T-zone area and eczema in my brow area. My plans are to start using the Balancing Skin Concentrate, but wondered if I should also start using any other products too. Or is it better to start with the concentrate for the first 28 days and then start adding other products such as the Instant Dryness Rescue and the Micellar Cleanser?
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@suzybee30 You’re welcome 😊 If you don’t plan on buying the YGS moisturizer at the same time as the concentrate , I would still suggest using your own moisturizer along with the balancing skin concentrate.Read More...

"Bacne" and scarring

Hello Bex, I can see you have products for acne and have advised on the balancing skin concentrate for scarring, I am just wondering if you would advise these for acne and scarring on the back .. aka "bacne". Will "your good skin" bring out products for the rest of the body to target acne and other skin issues? Thank you Jessie
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Hi @Jessie123 I'm afraid our products have been assessed to be suitable for the face only. I will pass on your comments about products for the rest of the body to the product development team. Please let me know if you have any more questionsRead More...

Rosacea and oily t zone

Hello...I'm new here and have been considering these great sounding products. I've lost count of the number of products I've tried over the years. I have a very oily t zone, cheeks that flare up with rosacea and broken capillaries. Lovely, eh?! Any suggestions of a routine please?
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@Babyba I know Boots has a sale online for Buy 1 Get 2nd half price. My guess is it's the same in store also, I'm in the US. That's even more savings!! 🤗Read More...

Just purchased

Now that the weather is changing into winter, this is when I apply more moisturizer than usual. This is also a perfect time to start GoodSkinIn28. I'm excited about the possibilities. Im 42 years old. Somethings got to give!!!!!!!!! My skin type is oily. I have large pores in my cheek area. I'm working hard to keep it under control in which so far I've been able to manage it; it hasn't gotten worse and sometimes appears to improve. I get white heads on my chin. This is most dreaded area; my...
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@Hannah Thank you for your suggestion. I will be trying out quite a few yourgoodskin products-quite a few. Looking forward to seeing progress!Read More...


I just tried the Good skin product. It went on nice a smooth. It feels nice on my skin so far.
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Thanks @Honeylime - glad you are enjoying it so far please keep us updated on your progress!Read More...


can anyone explain the difference in the tonics and what one is best?
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@Bex Well when YGS does things, they do it right! 😁 I think that would be a great idea to sell separate cloths! Another question, what's the life on the facial brush, meaning how long would you use it until it needs replacing. I would most likely just go by the state of the brush, but as far as it being sanitary enough to use, how long would you suggest?? (Mines perfect right now)Read More...


Hi Bex With the choice of cleansers, how do I know which is best for me? Thanks x
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@Fi I agree with you there. The Hot Cloth Cleanser or the Acne Calming Cream Cleanser to treat those break-outs on your chin would be a good choice.Read More...


Hi Vicki, i know this year is to late , but how about gift sets like ,no7 have at Christmas , we could do a star gift , because I'm already getting asked by customers and staff , xx
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That’s a shame


Hi everyone, as some of you know if work at boots , thank you for all you replies , i have another question for you , no7 have vouchers sometimes , while the iron is hot and Ygs is selling out ,how about the vouchers for the month of January when things get quite , we will be helping our costumers to prepare there skin for the new year , and money is always tight after Christmas , so it might help with keeping the stock flowing out ?
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Thank you Bex,


Hi Bex, @Bex I've been a member since you guys launched Skin Matters and have enjoyed being a part of this venture. If I understood correctly we were going to be getting some of the new product to try out. I haven't received anything, so perhaps I'm mistaken. I am looking forward to seeing how the product performs and was just wondering if I need to go purchase it in order to try it out or if there is indeed going to be a sample "in the mail". :-) Thank you! Jodi
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@MrsLAK Lots of members are still waiting for it to be delivered but it should be with you shortly!Read More...

Balancing Skin Concentrate

I received an email on 10/4 saying that my concentrate was shipped, but I still have not received it. Is there a tracking number so we can see where its at?
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I love the concentrate I will be a customer for sure great price!Read More...

Free trials

Hi I have really sensitive skin and was wondering if there's anyway I can try before I buy with these products as it can be expensive when I break out and can't use them again ?? Thanks
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@SammiB You're very welcome 😊

Thank you

Hi Vicki , thank you and Sam for a great day in London , maybe this could bring out a hand and body cream out ,with a touch of the concentrate in it ,as I've been using it on my hands and elbows ,as I'm in my 60s these are where my concerns are ,it felt so good on my face , smooth and soft ,i thought I'd give ago in those areas too , and there looking good too , not so rough looking , so thank you Dr Mike bell .
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Shame too far

Such a shame your having this event , to far for me , maybe next time you could have it in Poole , have a great time .
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Hi Bex

@Bex This is such a cool place! So many really interesting ladies with their skin stories. How do I get started?
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@Iveynumber4 Sounds like a fun trip! Hope you find some gems while digging!Read More...

Ask away!

Just a quick note to say if you have any questions for me, please use the 'Ask your community manager' thread to get in touch... I'm ready & waiting 😊
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I feel like im expecting (not a baby)- waiting 4 my ygs bco 2 come.Read More...