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There's no question too small! Whatever you'd like answered, Bex our Community Manager will be happy to help.

Starting out

Hello, I joined the 28 days journey and requested the products months ago. I just recieved then today and I am super ecstatic to start. However, I have forgotten what I was supposed to do as regarding to posting and documenting the journey as well as the agreement. Thank you for your time!
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@Taewow 👀

Received all?

Hi, when I signed up for the 28day challenge I received a complimentary full size moisturiser. Can I just check as I noticed the Good Skin range has cleanser and toner too why this isn’t included in what to try as you then get the benefit of using the GoodSkin range on your face rather than just the moisturiser while using other products to cleanse and tone.
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@Bonita no problem well deserved


@Bex Hi Bex, I hope you are doing well! Thank you so much for the ad on Youtube! So many people from Amazon (the place I work) have come up to me and asked me about the product and many have gone in stores to buy it! I wanted to know if I could get some pictures and maybe possibly some videos from the shoot to keep them as memories from the wonderful experience!! Thanks, Sonia
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@flojo 😀

Difference between ..your new skin and no7

Hi. I have joined the community. Could I ask please ..I have used Boots No7 for years and am now using ‘yournewskin’ product which I must say I enjoy using. what is the difference between the two ! I am not sure if my face looks any different .
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@Temporarily_insane_4eva your always welcome

Thank you so much for joining us!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Bex – lovely to meet you! I will be your Community Manager whilst you are here – my job is to chat with you, look after you and get to know you. Back in March 2015, I began looking after the SkinMatters Research Community, so, I have already been speaking to some members for 2 and a half years! It has been so much fun that we decided to create an even bigger and better community. Whether you are an old member or a new member, I am so excited to have...
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@blondie14225 😊

Hi i need some help..

Hi i haven't received my products yet but keep receiving your emails on how I got on and I also need to pass on my delivery address?
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@jenny06 i would ask bex you can send her a private messageRead More...

how many members do we have?

@Bex do we know excatley how many members we actually have now? Because it seems like we are growing each and every day! which is wonderful because there are so many great people in our comunity now! If anyone else has a guess let us know!
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@Taewow 👍


Signed up several weeks ago and thought I was accepted for the free trial. Does it take a long time to receive the products?
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@staffsstudentvicky your welcome

Hi I'm new here

hi I was just wondering how I learn to "navigate". Can't figure out how to leave comments etc. thanks!
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@Amelialo welcome to the panel.

Help signing up

I've been trying since lastnight to find a way to connect my Instagram account to my profile; and to also be able to add my address in so I will be able to receive free products to no avail. Someone please help me.
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@Bex just instagram nothing else i just cannot seem to find it to connect to itRead More...

My products

Hiya I joined and got told im in and would receive my products for the 28 day's challenge I got a email saying I will receive soon but I've not received, I would love to find out how I can get involved also get help on getting my products for me to start I carnt wait to start and get involved and review this brilliant challenge, could someone help please so I can get started and get involved with these lovely ladies, I've had a email asking me how everything went on and how I feel due to me...
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@mammymoo21 keep us updated

What products to purchase?

Hi, I’ve recently come across Your good skin on instagram and the results look amazing! Just wondering what products to use as of course everyone is different! I dont have acne or overly sensitive skin, I struggle with blackheads, rough skin and just generally dull skin. Can anybody suggest which products would be best for me to try? Thanks in advance, Beth
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Hi @bethkbolton All our products are suitable for all skin so any of our products will work for you 😊 For you skin particularly, I would recommend the Balancing Skin Concentrate as it is clinically proven to improve radiance (which should help with your dull skin) and it is proven to improve skin texture, which should help with the roughness you experience. I would also recommend using the Blackhead Clearing Scrub as it will lead to visibly less blackheads even from just the first use.Read More...

Bad reaction

Hi After only 3 days of using concentrate my skin is in bits bumps on my forehead and neck and so dry feels like it's burnt.
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@Hazelk Sorry to hear this 😟 how is your skin now?Read More...

My product

I don't know how everyone is o. Week 3. I received my product late so I'm only on week 2
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@Babe1023 we all recvied our products at differant times some of us are done and others have just started so you are fine just hope you enjoy the product as much as we doRead More...

Was offered to do the challenge

Hi guys! First time on the forum and having a newbie question. I’m one of the IG influensters chosen to do 28 Days challenge. I got the email with directions and I’ve made my first post. But I don’t know if I’ve done everything on my end to receive the products or when they’re going to be shipped out. When I try to contact by email I get the automated reply. Just want this to be cleared out thank you!
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Welcome to the community @madinnson ! We'll contact Zyper regarding your concern 😊Read More...


hi Bex just about to upload my 28 day skin care challenge what Instagram hashtags did you want us to use, I have lost th email that you first sent to us thanks fiona
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Hope this helps any! I screenshot it to come back to as a reference!Read More...

New 28 day challenge

I've been selected to do the 28 day challenge and i know i have to do at least 4 posts on Instagram but cant find the terms so am unsure of the hastags i need to use! Also would anyone recommend any other products to add as i have combination skin prone to spots even though I'm 40! I also have hyperpigmentation! Thanks Guys.
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@Lparry130477@googlemail.com welcome to the community!

Finding my footing

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about starting to use YGS products, however as a student it can be quite a big commitment to trust a product fully without worrying about spending copious amounts of money. I've just stopped using a topical cream on my skin for spots after using it for 2 years and feeling like it wasn't a healthy product to put on my skin and being dependent on it. However, the cold winter mornings are drying my skin out and by discontinuing the use of the topical cream my skin has...
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@el_nibby I would say start with the balancing skin concentrate as that has a money back guarantee, also maybe buy a few basic products from the range such as the hot cloth cleanser, skin tonic suited to your needs and maybe a mask or exfoliatorRead More...

Day 2

Hi. I am so confuse am i suppose to buy the products or do they send them to me. They sent me a notification saying I'm on day 2 but i have not been using anything. Please help. Thank you.
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@Donna1282 info above about how to email Bex to become a product influencer hope this helpsRead More...