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Products pilling/balling up

Hi everyone. So I've been using a few ygs products together recently. Just noticed that the products seem to be pilling in my skin, i.e. just balling up when trying to rub them in. What am I doing wrong? I'm using in order, glycolic toner, concentrate, anti blemish lotion and then moisturiser. First I thought it might be the anti blemish lotion so took that out of the routine. Still same result☹️ To top it off my foundations going everywhere !!! Please help, cos I absolutely love the...
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@Zeeskin Sorry you are having that problem, I am sure someone here will help you.Read More...

Produced order

Hi, I've just joined this so bare with me. I've recently just update my skin care routine from 3 products to more & would like to know what order I should be applying them in, I know cleanser and toner are first but should I use the ygs concentrate before my day and night cream & eye cream or after? And when should I add facial oil? Really looking forward to seeing the end results of my 28 day challenge X
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Welcome it looks like bex has answered your question

Newbie advice

Hi I just had a few questions as I’ve never Followed a beauty Regime before and would like to check I am following it correctly... 1.) how much time should I leave between putting concentrate on and then moisturising? 2.) is the concentrate just for cheeks, forehead and Chin (eg not nose)? 3.) how long after The moisturiser should I leave until I apply make up? 4.) the day and night moisturisers are Different sizes. Should I be using Different amounts / are the both bottles supposed to last...
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@nickiteddy I would agree with the advice of @Sai use the concentrate all over your face you might find it lasts slightly longer than the 28 days too. Use the day and night cream in the same amounts. Leave a few mins for the serum to sink in. Hope you enjoy using the productsRead More...

Translation Option??

Hi Ladies, I have noticed that some posts are in languages other than English and I would love to know what is being discussed in those threads, does anyone know if the YGS site might be adding a translate button similar to what is found on Facebook so we could all be involved in all the discussions?
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I went looking for a post like that and I did see one. A translate button would open up for others to be able to join in or even offer opinions based on their experience. Hopefully it will be easy to add.Read More...

SPF in moisturiser

Hi, reading through the information in relation to the daily moisturiser with 30 SPF, it states it can be applied every 2 hours as an sunscreen. Surely if its in a moisturiser, then its diluted, therefore not so effective as an normal SPF? Could someone clarify please.
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@Janekate Great question and I'm glad Bex was able to provide an answer.Read More...

Basic Skin Care Products and Routine

Hi @Bex,Philippa and Ladies! What are the bare necessities for a good skincare routine? What are products that the facial skin needs no matter what the skin type? I'm still trying to find a good basic product lineup.
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@Hannah here are some of the products I am using that I find helpful: Balancing Skin Concentrate Pore Minimizing Tonic Brightening Exfoliating Wash Refreshing Face Wash Nourishing Hot Cloth Cleanser Day and Night moisturizerRead More...


I have flair up on my forehead and been using the products. What do I do
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@Lynn0316 have you tried the YGS blemish rescue I found it very quick at healing spots and calming on the skinRead More...

Oily skin and huge pores and black and white heads

Hello, ladies, I am new to the blog as well as to the product. I am currently using MGS for acne for about 2 weeks now and the results are amazing!! But i do have huge pores and blackheads as well as whiteheads. The ones that are not visible to other people but when i get close to the mirror i can see them and start picking at them. I am so frustrated with it at this point. MGS for acne has helped a lot with the acne which I've had due to stress but i need something for oily skin, huge...
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@Sarahx2 i see that @Sai has given you great advice let us know how it works out for youRead More...

Exfoliating wash or scrub?

Hey! I've just started using this brand a few days ago and so far so good! 😊 I bought both the exfoliating wash and scrub (in addition to several other products) and they feel the same to me but seems like exfoliating wash left my face a bit dryer tonight but that may be cause I tried it after trying the scrub last night. What's the difference between these two products? I think my skin is comination, so my nose gets oily but everyelse gets a bit dry sometimes, especially in winter. Which...
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Hi @Iqraali They are both very gentle and reveal beautiful healthy skin. I would use the scrub only twice a week. You have amazing clear skin already 😊Read More...

Acne flair up

I have a problem I been using the toner and moisturizer and day and night scream with my face wash called Clearsil face wash and been breaking out of my four head a lot . Help I need some advice
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@Lynn0316 How long have you been using each of the products for?Read More...

Alcohol in Toner

I noticed the pore minimizing toner has alcohol in it. Isn't that bad for your skin? It left mine tingly first time I used it tonight, is that normal? @Bex @Sai
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@Bex .thanks for for the clarification..I figured that that was the reason for the alcoholRead More...

Is it too much too soon?

I immediately fell in love with the SBC from the first use! I immediately went out to purchase the Acne cleanser, toner, daycream and night cream. Even though I am using products as requested, I have been noticing now my skin is getting worse! Is it too much product too soon?
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@Greenfeline2004 The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing results...Read More...

Anti aging

I was told that the concentrate, day and night creams are not anti ageing is this true?
Replies 21
@Ca0 Our products should keep your skin healthy at all stages throughout your life but if you are specifically concerned about anti-aging products then you can use them alongside.Read More...

Skin concentrate

was wondering if the skin concentrate is something you use daily on a permanent basis or is it only for the 28 days?
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@Ca0 I use it daily.

What do I need to start off?

I'm completely new to this. I've picked up the facewash, balancing skin concentrate and the overnight cream. I'm interested to try out the 28 day trial. Do I need to get anything else from the range for the best results? Thanks x
Replies 17
@ClaireA85 You have some great products, I highly recommend the hot cloth cleanser as well, it is amazing. Good luck with the challenge.Read More...


Hi, I am currently on day 21 of the challenge using the skin concentrate and hot cloth cleanser both twice a day, and I haven’t seen many results yet. My skin doesn’t appear to have changed from the start, what do you suggest?
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@rosieb2105 Have you not seen any results at all? What are your skin concerns?Read More...

Mature skin

i bought today and didn’t think about it until later . I’m 53 is is right for mature skin ?
Replies 37
@blondie14225 ☺👍


Hi I have joined because I am part of the menopause room...i saw this product this morning so I need to go out and buy it today...there are so many different products so could you tell me which product I need to buy....thanks
Replies 7
@blondie14225 👍👍

Raffle Win

Bex have you heard when I will receive my prize win from the november raffle.😊
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oh that sounds wonderful to do

Balance Skin Concentrate

Hi Bex, I have a question……. Does the “Balance Skin Concentrate” help to improve smoothness and radiance? I am on the dry side and in my sixties. I have been using “Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum”, received as a gift and it works great. How does this product “Balance Skin Concentrate” compare or are they two different products? Thank you. Sincerely, eivy
Replies 15
@eivy For dryness I would definitely recommend the Instant Dryness Rescue - it keeps skin hydrated for at least 12 hours and it is small enough to fit in your handbag! https://www.yourgoodskin.com/s...stant-dryness-rescueRead More...

Day Moisturiser

Hi, has anyone used other products from this range, all i seem to hear about is the BSC. has anyone used the moisturisers or face wash? I am 32, have combination/sensitive skin, any advise?
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@Bex i have not had one issue with it like itold her i have to use it every day othrwise i feel naked without it it is wonderful it makes your skin feels o soft and shiny and healthy lookingRead More...


Hello everyone! I just bought my first products today. I am 62 years old. Wondering now if the products will work for me as well. Thanks for all your input.
Replies 13
@Bex good question i didnt think to ask her that eitherRead More...

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