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Break out

Hello 👋🏾👋🏾 I was wondering if anyone has experienced a breakout 7 days in? i use the black head scrub, pore minimising tonic and balancing skin concentrate twice daily and although the pores around my nose area clearly shrinking from the ravines they once were, the lower part of my face is worse than when I started using the products. Is this normal?? thanks Laura
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@Laura Glynn The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing results...Read More...

Eye cream

Why is there not an eye cream in the range, will there be one in the future
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And let’s not forget the elimination of those pesky dark circles under the eyes! Not everyone wears makeup,nor looks good in it. “I have Ingrid Bergman eyebrows”! ...Sharp arches,for goodness sake! 😕Read More...


can I keep my toner in the refrigerator?
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@Pica flor great!

Testing the waters...

Hi!!. This is my first post and I am looking for some guidance. I am Mindy, 54 y/o, and have had a crappy complexion most of my life. My question is, do I need to post my skin story and someone will guide me as to what products I should use for my skin care regimen??? I don’t know how to know what I should be using in regards to my skin issues. Many thanks for the help!!!
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@Pica flor you are welcome 😀

Is there a Boots website or locations in USA?

I am just curious if Boots Beauty is only in the UK aside from its partnerships with retailers like Walgreens and Target? I have tried looking for a USA division website to no avail. Do they have locations in the US? What about YGS? Plans to grow into the US with direct opportunities at all or will they always be available only to UK residents? Thanks!
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@JenS2018 I don’t think they have an actual location in the US yet...they just have their products at selected stores.Read More...

Pregnancy skin care

could I have list of YGS products safe to use while pregnant ?
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@Jane Mallia Hi Jane 😊 We would recommend consulting with your doctor before trying any new products whilst pregnant.Read More...

Skin care for hands

hi ladies, recently had an injury to my hand, my hand is chapped and peeling , my hand is also two different. is there anything I can put on it to stop peeling? Right now I can’t use my fingers, so doctor said that is why is is peeling.
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@mariebow thank you

Skin routine

Can I use acne clearing products with the skin boosting concentrate ? What would be a good am and night routine ? Also what exfoliant shpuld I use and how often ? I wear make up daily shpuld I use wipes or micellar water to remove befire using acne cleanser
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Update . My clarisonic brush head destroyed my skin and now everything burns it 😟 im oilly type but my skin is now raw.Read More...

Product Help

Hi I'm new & looking to buy some products that will hopefully help my skin. Since having my daughter nearly 2 years ago my skin is very dry, redness around the cheeks & bumpy! Any advice on products to buy would be greatly appreciated 😀
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@Kaytagz Hi there! I would recommend the following routine for you: 1. Comforting Gel Cleanser 2. Balancing Skin Concentrate 3. Anti-Oxidant Day Cream/ProVitamin Overnight Cream I would also recommend using the Instant Dryness Rescue on any dry patches throughout the day. Hope this is helpful but let me know if you need any more help xRead More...


help please 😊 im going to boots tommorow to get all my new products. Which cleanser , and moisturising product would you all reccommend for generally combination to normal skin but I get herrendous bumpy under surface congestion skin and red pimples on my chin , desperately need advice thank you
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@S30 I would recommend the following routine for you: 1. Calming Cream Cleanser, 2. Active Treatment Tonic, 3. Balancing Skin Concentrate, 4. Anti-Blemish Base Lotion, 5. Anti-Oxidant Day Cream/ProVitamin Overnight Cream. I would also recommend using the Rapid Rescue Treatment on any spots as they occur xRead More...

Skincare advice

Hi I'm new and looking to buy YGS products but not sure what would be the best products/routine. I suffer from oily skin and get spots most days on cheeks, chin and hairline. I also have blackheads on chin and nose area. Thanks in advance
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@Missust I would recommend the following routine for you: 1. Calming Cream Cleanser, 2. Active Treatment Tonic OR Pore Minimizing Tonic, 3. Blackhead Clearing Scrub (2-3 times a week), 4. Balancing Skin Concentrate, 5. Anti-Blemish Base Lotion OR Anti-Shine Base Lotion, 6. Anti-Oxidant Day Cream/ProVitamin Overnight Cream. I would also recommend using the Immediate Shine Relief, throughout the day, on any oily patches and the Rapid Rescue Treatment on any spots that occur xRead More...

Two pumps?

Hey! I am rather new to this. Just started the concetrate 2 days ago. I was wonder if I needed to do two pumps if I can cover my whole face in just one?
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Yup, 2 pumps for the best results

Facial Brush Replacement?

Hello all!! I have a quick question! My mom and I both use the softening facial Brush and love it! My boyfriend of 5 years just started to get serious with his skincare as well so I just bought him one, too. My question is, do you need to replace the brush every so often, or can you continue to use it no matter how long you have had it? I use it twice a day, at morning and at night, everyday. I've had it for 2 or 3 months now maybe. I love it so much and I want to make sure if I do need to...
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No problem Bex 😊

Anti blemish base lotion-balling up

hey, I've noticed that th ABBL balls up (not sure if that’s the word) when I put moisturizer over it. any solutions? thanks!
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@SoPheonaH .make sure that each layer has absorbed completely into your skin.....that should helpRead More...


Hi there, any plans for an eye cream? Day 2 and already feeling a difference 😊
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@Fi I would absolutely love for YGS to do an eye creamRead More...

Skin care

What age can you use this product? Have this product many different anybody's feature
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Just past half way 😊😊

So I’m just over half way on my skin journey and I must admit I’m sooooo happy with the results. I have tried so many different skin products and they never really do what they claim or I get disappointed halfway through and jump ship. (I’m a bit of a product junkie) However this time I decided to stick to this and I’m so pleased I have. My skin, looks and feels amazing. Definitely going be recommending this to friend, family and anyone who will listen. Just one quick question, I need to now...
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@Former Member Let's hope they will come out with an eye cream soon!Read More...

Mineral sunscreen

I would like to know if at some point you guys are thinking of making a mineral sunscreen. I have tried to change many habits, especially in relation to the environment, so I have opted for mineral sunscreen instead of chemical, because it is also healthier for the skin and I had skin trouble with avobenzone base products( allergy problems) . What are your thoughts about this?
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@luneangeli No plans at the moment but we love hearing your suggestions! When did you first start using a mineral sunscreen?Read More...

Do you do?

was wondering if yous do a soap free, foam facial wash? Seen your post about cleansing brushes and remembered I actually have one that’s never even been used and with a little research on how to use it found out that using a soap free foam face wash is apparently best.. I have your exfoliating face wash and the hot cloth cleanser so not sure either is suitable and thought I’d ask if yous done a soap free foam one.
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@Ca0 All of our cleansers are soap free 😊

Recommended scrub

Hi everyone!! I have been using the balancing skin concentrate, the anti-oxidant day cream, the pro-vitamin overnight cream and the refreshing facial wash. I just was wondering if there are any of the other products that I should now introduce into my regime? I do have some blackheads on my nose. Any recommendations would be gratefully accepted! Thanks, Heather
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I recommend the scrub, it’s gentle for everyday use if needed and also the lip balm is really good 😊Read More...

Melasma .dark circle under my eyes

Please.advice how i.can.handle.my.skin.problem.which is melasma.on.my.face and dark.circle.on.my.eyes. thank u.
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@Rasmia Matanog I've tried so many things and nothing seems to work for me. So right now my best bet for under eye dark circles is a good concealer from Tart Cosmetics which works vey well when I apply my make up.Read More...

Products pilling/balling up

Hi everyone. So I've been using a few ygs products together recently. Just noticed that the products seem to be pilling in my skin, i.e. just balling up when trying to rub them in. What am I doing wrong? I'm using in order, glycolic toner, concentrate, anti blemish lotion and then moisturiser. First I thought it might be the anti blemish lotion so took that out of the routine. Still same result☹️ To top it off my foundations going everywhere !!! Please help, cos I absolutely love the...
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@Zeeskin Sorry you are having that problem, I am sure someone here will help you.Read More...

Produced order

Hi, I've just joined this so bare with me. I've recently just update my skin care routine from 3 products to more & would like to know what order I should be applying them in, I know cleanser and toner are first but should I use the ygs concentrate before my day and night cream & eye cream or after? And when should I add facial oil? Really looking forward to seeing the end results of my 28 day challenge X
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Welcome it looks like bex has answered your question