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Please ask general questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be skincare related. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

L’Oreal Burgundy Mascara

Anyone tried this new mascara by L’Oreal? I already use their Voluminous mascara in black but haven’t tried this one. Just wanted to know if it’s really dramatic looking or goes on too bright.
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I’m glad I tried it @Rockergirl but now I know too, colors don’t show well on dark lashes.Read More...


Im new and i want know how this works?
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@Kinberly Reynoso Welcome! This is an awesome place to be apart. Ive learned valuable info about my skin from this communityRead More...

Just hi

Im new here 🤓
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@Kinberly Reynoso Welcome to the community of lovely woman who share their love of YGS products and ideas.Read More...

GoodSkinIn28 who's in?

Who here has started their GoodSkinIn28 journey? & if you haven't then what are you waiting for?! 😊 How is everyone finding it? Is anyone having any difficulties in sticking to the routine? What differences have you noticed? What advice can anyone give to those who are just starting out on their journey? What day are you on? What do you all think about the coaching notifications?
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@Nms245 Hi lovely, I will contact the technical team about this and get back to you xRead More...

The balancing Skin Concentrate

This is my first time and it was reccommedate by Walgreen employee that we became friends. I like the way it feels soft and not oily. But I wait to see how it does.
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@Tweetybird glad that you are giving it another try

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @NikkiB 💐🎁🎉🎈🍰🎂 Have a wonderful day today 😁
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Happy birthday @NikkiB Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...

Beauty bag at Walgreens

If anyone needs to stock up on their YGS products there is a good deal going on at Walgreens.com. When you buy beauty products for $ 20 or more you will get a free beauty bag with great samples!
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@Hendrika That's amazing, thanks for letting everyone know!

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy Birthday to @Minibug 🎂🎉🎁🍰🎈💐 Hope you have an amazing birthday 😄
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Happy birthday @Minibug Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...