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Please ask general questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be skincare related. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

Favorite movie

Hello ladies. Over the holidays many people binge watch their favorite movies. Mine is Elf and Home Alone. What are some of your favorite holidays movies you can't go without seeing over the holidays?
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@Mim Hey Mim! Great Topic! Home Alone and Home Alone: Lost In New York Christmas With The Kranks Jingle All The Way I tried to watch To Grandma's House We Go starrig the Olsen Twins but It wasnt available on Hulu. I used to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas but skipped it this year and last year. Just didn't feel like watching it.Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Stacy Reed 🎉🧁🎁🎈💐🎂🍰 Hoping you have an amazing day 😁
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Happy birthday @Stacy Reed Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...

Funny Family Memories

Hello everyone, I was just reminiscing about all of the funny times I have had over the years with my family and was hoping everyone likes to laugh😄😊😊. Let's share a funny moment from the holiday season or at any season that we remember with our loved ones. Let's spread some extra cheer and get the smiles rolling. ... Well my kids think they are funny, especially 2 of them. So for Christmas one year, when everyone came down stairs to celebrate they all had a special gift. Wouldn't you...
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@Sagittarius Funny isn't it.. That auto correct always gets me even before I'm finished typing. ..at least I got you to laugh a little😊Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to one of our wonderful product developers @Vickyf and our fellow community member @Lottiemc 🎉🎁💐🎂🍰🧁🎈 Wishing you both a fabulous birthday today 😁
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You're welcome @Vickyf love the pic 😊

Tips for wrinkles! (Makes sense...)

Everyone knows you can't actually get rid of wrinkles on your face. But you CAN make it seem they've vanished. How? By removing the shadows that make them stand out. It requires TWO steps: First, you must fill IN the wrinkle. Because that removes the contrast. Contrast is what casts the shadow when light hits the wrinkle. Second, light must be reflected AWAY from the wrinkle. Less light around the wrinkle means less shadow is cast. And that makes the wrinkles seem to fade away. "Who knew"?! 😌
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Great info @Sagittarius Thanks so much for sharing this with us! xRead More...

Help, difficult to get rid of spots

I've been using ysg skin products for just a couple weeks over a month now and it's really improved my skin a lot. However since it's first week of use I've been getting spots in random places. Like a couple show up per week and then they fade, and a few days later another couple show up. Is there any product that's guaranteed to help? I'm currently using : - brush with refreshing face wash - minimizing pore tonic - balancing skin concentrate - anti-shine base lotion - spf 30 day cream /...
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@Joeri Vanhamel Hi lovely! What skin type and skin concerns do you have?Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Yolybri 🎉🎂🎁🎈💐🧁🍰 Wishing you an amazing day 😁
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Happy birthday @Yolybri Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Sarahx2 🎉🎈🧁🎂💐🍰🎁 Hope you have a lovely day 😄
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Happy birthday @Sarahx2 Hope you had a wonderful day! 😊Read More...

Hope all is well!

Hello ladies, it’s been so long since I’ve been on alots going on but I hope you all are doing great!
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@Marielli_ We all are still in love with YGS!💕💕

YGS in Puerto Rico!!

Just got back from a cruise. First place you see at the port in Puerto Rico is Walgreens so of course I had to check it out. Gracias! YGS is there.!
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@Bex yes, it was wonderful. I would have liked to spend more time in ports than on the ship, but overall it was greatRead More...

Acne cream

As part of my regime how and when do I use it? I wash, tone , serum, day/night cream, I scrub 1x a week Where and how do I use the acne cream ? Should I put my toner in the refrigerator? I live on a tropical island and it’s hot my a/c only goes on for bedtime. thank you🌹
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@Pica flor When I am using acne cream too often my skin starts to get dry so maybe don't use it too often. I have sun spots on my skin too and I have noticed that they got less noticeable since using the concentrate. It really has given me a more even skin tone.Read More...

Raffle prizes

Looks like some of the raffle prizes (not sure from which months) mine is from June, might be arriving around Monday. I just got a fedex shipment update from a package sent from Boots NY 😁 Yay, can’t wait for it to come!
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""You' made me look". 😋

I'm Confused???

Can someone please explain the differences between a toner, witch hazel and micellar water? Are they one in the same? If not, what are the differences?
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You’re welcome @ReneeF 😊


Hi @Bex and YGS Ladies. How was everyone's Thanksgiving??!! Hope it was filled with laughter,memories,friends,family and good food!
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@Bex Yes I did. Thank you. My guests actually came the day after but ate the leftovers,lol!Read More...