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Please ask general questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be skincare related. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

Traveling with YGS products

I’m on my yearly road trip with my husband and kids and made sure to pack my YGS products....I don’t have them all but brought what I thought I would need! Also brought a few of my son products along 😊
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@Sai Xx

Still in love - YGS

I am still loving the skin I’m in with YGS. I am trying to figure out which is my favorite YHS product. What’s yours?
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No...not any more 😉

Mini Facial

My mother in law hasn’t been keeping too well and has been at the hospital for almost a week, so yesterday I decided to give her a mini facial...I started with the hot cloth cleanser, the BSC, an eye cream and then the YGS day cream. She really enjoyed it and her skin looked healthier and definitely felt softer and smoother. Hoping she feels better soon too!
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Thank you so much Bonita, I reallly appreciate it! Prayers and well wishes is what she needs 💕Read More...

Facial Cleaning Devices

Do you own / use any facial cleaning devices which are sonic-powered that deep clean and promote anti-aging treatments for brighter, firmer, more youthful-looking skin. I have been looking for one, but would like some recommendations from others as they can be quite pricey.
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@Taewow 😄👍🏼

Walgreens 25% off YGS products

Walgreens is having 25% off YGS products (other stuff too) I just ordered another Balancing skin concentrate, refreshing face wash, the exfoliating scrub, instant shine relief and another lip balm. Two of the products are new for me, so can’t wait to try them 😁
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@MeganStarr412 Now that is what I call a super deal! 🎉 Welcome to YGS community!!Read More...

Happy Feet with YGS!

i know this sounds crazy, but I didn’t have time to sit in the salon, so I did my own pedicure at home. I gathered my supplies and thought “why don’t I try the Brightening exfoliating scrub?” Needless to say my feet came out supple, soft and sandal ready! Who would have thought...!
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@Greenfeline2004 It doesn't sound crazy. 😊 Love the idea. I don't have the Brightening Exfoliating Scrub on hand, but thanks for sharing. 👍🏽Read More...

Eye Spy...Best of the Test!

Sitting at home browsing the August 2018 Summer issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine. Went by the page a few times until something told me...LOOK! YGS!! #SurpriseNoSurprise
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@Hannah Me too! Which beauty collection box do you receive?Read More...

Energizing Face Scrub

I’ve tried the energizing face scrub a few times now and thought I’d post my review. I wasn’t sure if there would be much of a difference between this one and the exfoliating face wash and honestly they are quite similar.....the wash is slightly more gentle in my opinion. This one is a little thicker when squeezing it out and has a lot of tiny grains that almost feel like salt, where as the exfoliating wash isn’t as thick and has much smaller grains that you don’t feel as much. This scrub...
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@Sai 😊

Your Skincare Regime?

Hi all! I am new to YGS and have been using the 28 Day concentrate. I am curious what other products you all use with it? thanks! J
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@jrony I use makeup remover wipes and the nourishing face maskRead More...

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th Of July to all! Thank you to all those brave women and men who have served our country to give us the liberties and freedom we enjoy. Do you have any special plans for today?
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@Hannah I didn’t mean to try to encourage such behavior,sweetheart. But do let us know what,if any,good comes of it. I mean besides your father having you. 😉 I was in complete awe when you shared that amazing story. I’ve never took to gambling either,but then again it’s the people who don’t try as often,that win. 🤨Read More...

Products arrived

Just got my YGS products delivered! I was out of the BSC for at least a week or so and the face wash for a few days ☹ Can't wait to try my new products too 💕 Oh and you can never have too many lip balms 😊
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@ReneeF I do really like the gel cleanser also..... I like the scent of it too, it’s kind of earthy 😊Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Mands5781 🎉🎂🎈🎁🍰 Hope you have a wonderful day today 😁
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Happy birthday @Mands5781 Hope you had a wonderful day! 😊Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy Birthday to @Kimber 🎉🎂🎁🍰🎈✨ Have an awesome birthday today 😄
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Happy birthday @Kimber Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...