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Please ask general questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be skincare related. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

Joint bank account or credit cards?

Hi, who have joint bank accounts or credits cards with your husbands? The reason why i’m asking is because we don’t use on this way and we are dealing with some paperwork and just wanna understand a little bit more about other marriages.
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We have separate accounts. We also each have separate credit cards. The house is in both of our names and we each have certain bills we pay every month. We both like this arrangement and we’ve never encountered any issues having separate accounts. It’s interesting to see how others have things set up, but do what works best for you!Read More...

Something New??

Hello everyone, I was floating through TV channels when I came across something called dermaplaning. It a devicedevic gently removes the peach fuzz and dead skin cells on the the face. They are powered machines that can run over $100 and then there are manual wands that are a little as $6. Has anyone tried this let alone heard of it. The claims statst seem possible but I'm not too sure.. I was so close to trying one out. It is said that it's different from a regular men's shaver.....but I'm...
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Interesting!

Oil Control

Hi Ladies. So its been more than two weeks since I started using the YGS Refreshing Face Wash and I have to say BRAVO!!!!!!! I've tried many face wash that claim to control oils on your skin and they've never worked for me. But this one did the job. YGS did it again 👍👍 I wash my face in the morning then apply my concentrate and at the end of the day I'm amazed of how it prevented my skin from getting oily. I love it and if anyone is fighting with oily skin I HIGHLY recommend the Refreshing...
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@Mim Yes the Refreshing Face Wash lathers up very well. I alternate between this cleanser and the Comforting Gel cleanser. 💕Read More...

Hope all is well!

Hello ladies, it’s been so long since I’ve been on alots going on but I hope you all are doing great!
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@Marielli_ doing great missed you😊

Pore size, foundation primer ?’s

Hello! I am past my 28 day challenge and am very happy with my results!! Here is my routine, AM: acne calming face wash, pore minimizing tonic, BSC, shine relief lotion, daytime 30spf cream. PM: refreshing face wash, Pore minimizing tonic, BSC, overnight cream. overall my face feels amazing and looks great, but my pores still seem a bit large. Is there another product on this line you ladies have tried that seemed to help in that area? I plan to try the black head exfoliating scrub (actually...
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@Bex I was using the shine lotion after I moisturized. I will try it before I moisturize tomorrow morning and then use the primer after I moisturize. Thank you!Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy Birthday to @helenrachel123 🎂🎈🎉🎁💐🍰 Wishing you a fantastic day today! Have loads of fun celebrating with your mum 😄
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@ninnytendo am sorry to hear that you are having a stressful time. You sound in a similar situation tl me old boss retired and new one is really not the same. I have had times recently where I have dreaded going into work and didn’t want to return after the summer. Hope your blood tests come back ok. Let me know how you get on hope working the weekend goes ok take careRead More...

Allergic reaction

I started using a number of the products last Thursday and have had an allergic reaction to them so now have a very sore and swollen face and hiding at home from the world. I'm gutted as was really excited to use this range. Has anyone else had a similar reaction and how long does it last? Hoping I can get a refund on the products. Any suggestions very welcome on how to calm it down. Thank you
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@N.duncombe88 I passed along the day cream with SPF, night cream and daily serum to my mom and she had a bad reaction too - redness, face peeling. I have not had any bad reactions to any of the products, so it just must be different body chemistries. I hope your reaction has gotten better!Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Here’s an extra special shoutout for our amazing community manager Bex 😄 Happy Birthday @Bex 🎂🎈🎉🎁🍰💐 Hope you have a wonderful day today 😁
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Happy belated birthday Bex...


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Any new coupons?

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Selene 🎁🎉💐🎈🎂🍰 Enjoy your special day 😄
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Happy birthday @Selene Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...