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Please ask general questions, post answers, seek advice, & just have a good old chat. It doesn’t even have to be skincare related. We are just as happy to see a picture of your cute pet as much as we are discussing homeostasis!

YGS family

To all my YGS family, I would really appreciate if you could all say a little prayer for my grandmother who passed away on Monday! It’s been really hard for me because it happened in the UK and my entire family is there! I have so many fond memories of her and wish I could have seen her before she passed. May God let her soul rest in peace 😔 🙏🏼 Thank you all in advance 💕
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@Bulldog I just lost my Mother in October and I don't think it has really hit me yet. Yes, we had a funeral and we buried her, but I just don't really feel like she is gone yet. I had heard that a red bird makes an appearance so that you know they are alright. We have no red birds here, but they are everywhere in stores and shopping and she knew that my sister and I always loved to shop so I'm sure that's the way she is showing us.Read More...

Still Amazed

Just wanted to update you all on my 1 year and 4 month anniversary using the YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate. I can't even stress how happy I am with the results this far. Since a teenager I struggles with skin cares that flare up my skin. But since using this moisturizer there is no flaring or irritation of any kind, I even stop using Foundation, only use it at special occasions now. Let me remind you I'm 57 and did not expect my skin to look this good. Bex, my skin and I thanks you.
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@helenrachel123 thank you

Eye makeup remover recommendations please

happy new year ladies I wondered if you were able to recommend a good eye makeup remover that is suitable for sensitive eyes as I wear sleep in contact lenses and am finding my usual eye makeup remover doesn’t seem to be working as well. I think they have changed the formula. I wish that YGS would introduce an eye makeup remover into their range as am sure that would be fabulous. Thank you in advance
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@Hendrika I actually have never tried the YGS wipes. Based on your recommendation I may give them a try now. I usually just remove eye makeup with a wash cloth and warm water, but maybe I should try something else.Read More...

New Year Support

Hi guys. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2019 but. .... I have a favor to ask.. My son is setting a goal for his YouTube page so can you guys please check them out and like and subscribe. Just FYI. .He is in college pursuing his masters degree in education and is currently working as a preschool teacher also. He does this with any spare time to have fun with his brothers and friends. He is a good kid and I just wanted to share his journey with my second family here. I hope...
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@kelceyryder thanks😀😀


I was Adopted 49 years ago and decided to do a DNA test with 23 and me to try and get a health history. When I received my results it also shows your DNA relatives and how close of a relative they are to you. Looking at these results I was able to figure out who my Birth Mother and separately who My Birth Father is . Strangly enough they both live a hour or less away from where I live and I do not live in the state i was born in. I am trying to decide whether to contact them or not it has...
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@Bulldog This is so interesting. I'm very happy you got a chance to speak with your birth mother. 🙂Read More...


Anyone make a New Year's Resolution or does any of you think of them as obsolete.? Fire in here with your thoughts. Me personally, my resolutions always turn out to be the same thing, getting healthier, stay to my routines, be a better mom and wife.. I do this every year. I was telling myself today that I'm gonna stick to my squats regiment.. .ha!!! We will see how that goes. Let us know how you all are feeling about your resolutions or not having one. I would love to hear about it😀🤣
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@Taewow YW

Sample Products

Hi everyone, I just found a website that is supposed to let you sample a variety of products for free with no surveys. It's called TrySpree. com I just joined today so I will see how it goes. There is an Olay Sample pack on there too that I requested. It has 3 items in it. A sample of the Olay eye serum, face wipes and the Olay Whip in reginerist. Happy sample hunting everyone.
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@helenrachel123 anytime 😀

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very happy new year 🎉 Hoping 2019 brings us all health, happiness and good fortune 😊
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@teachpetch As you said someday we will understand but at the moment it’s hard and will just take time.Read More...

Happy New Year 🎊🎈🎆 to all my friends at YGS

Hi ladies I pray you all had a wonderful wonderful New Years . My son Is getting better, now that he’s home and I’m packing my bags and getting ready tohead home. A bitter sweet moment. On a face note lol my skin seems to be drying so I stopped everything for a while although I’m still washing and using the day/night cream will keep you posted. My New Years resolution is to not have a resolution and just try and be better in all aspects of my life this way I won’t disappoint myself, I guess...
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@Pica flor Happy New Year to you too! I am glad your son is doing better. Have a good trip back home!Read More...

Merry Christmas 🎄

Wishing our YGS family Happy holidays and a very merry Christmas.🎄 Have a blessed day with your families and loved ones 💕🥳
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@Bex Thank you so much and the holidays were great. Happy New Year as well 😀Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @MelBobo 🎉🎂🎁🎈🍰🧁💐 Enjoy your special day 🥳
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Happy birthday @MelBobo Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...

Merry Christmas

I want to take a minute and wish all the ladies at YGS a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . It’s been a pleasure interacting with all of you. I started my challenge all over again so that I may keep I touch and of course keep my face in the loop 😮😉 I’m in Florida now my oldest son is in the hospital, prayers will be appropriate thank you , being in the cold I see a big difference in my skin ,as a pose to the tropical environment anyway will reach out when I can always 🌹
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@Pica flor Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! Hope you have all had a great time. Sending my thoughts to you and your son xRead More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Chloe 🎈🎁🍰🧁💐🎉🎂 Have a lovely birthday 🥳
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Happy birthday @Chloe Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...

Favorite movie

Hello ladies. Over the holidays many people binge watch their favorite movies. Mine is Elf and Home Alone. What are some of your favorite holidays movies you can't go without seeing over the holidays?
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@Mim Hey Mim! Great Topic! Home Alone and Home Alone: Lost In New York Christmas With The Kranks Jingle All The Way I tried to watch To Grandma's House We Go starrig the Olsen Twins but It wasnt available on Hulu. I used to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas but skipped it this year and last year. Just didn't feel like watching it.Read More...

🎉 Birthday Shoutout 🎉

Happy birthday to @Stacy Reed 🎉🧁🎁🎈💐🎂🍰 Hoping you have an amazing day 😁
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Happy birthday @Stacy Reed Hope you had an amazing day! 😊Read More...