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Amazed !

Just a quick update I’m only on day 3 with my products and I can see and feel a difference already. People have even complimented me on my skin !!! 😀😀😀😀
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@ChelseaAdams glad your enjoying the products I am on week 3 and loving themRead More...

Loving the face wipes

Who else is seriously impressed with the face wipes. I try not to use face wipes and I find them abit drying to my skin but these are so fantastic. Definitely the best face wipes I’ve ever used.
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@Kitty Great review

Loving the products

Hi I've only just started using the products but I can see such a difference already. I started with the concentrate which I think is amazing. I noticed a difference after just one day of using this. So far I have used the purifying mask once. The hot cloth cleanser and the rapid spot treatment. All which are helping clean up my skin. Today I received the pore minimising lotion and active treatment tonic. Not sure which order I should use these in if anyone can advise that would be great thanks.
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@Time for a brew I responded to your private message about thisRead More...

First time using product

the first time I put the product on, my face felt tight and unconfortabke. I am hoping this was a fluke thing, and am going to try again tomorrow
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@Sai . Me too

Started my 28 day journey

Hi everyone I started using some of the products yesterday. Absolutely love the feel of my skin afterwards. Im waiting for a few more products to arrive but looking forward to having better skin.
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@Time for a brew How exciting! Please keep us updated 💕Read More...


Hi everyone I've only just registered so haven't yet received my 28 day Trial to good skin. This page is new to me so I'll spend some more time tomorrow finding my way around and hopefully getting to know some of you.
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@Scillylou welcome to the community

Excited! Are you!?

I’m new to this! But one thing I know I’m not new to! Is my skin issues! Being s mother of two boys! (The most recent born in July of 2017) My skin is TIRED! Not only does it feel tired! It LOOKS TIRED! And quite frankly—— IM TIRED OF IT! I’m so excited to give these products a try and jump right into my Day one-of 28! Who is with me! Any tips or tricks you guys have! Please feel free to blast them my way!
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@MamaBear2 I can see that you sent me a message but it says it has been deleted - please could you resend?Read More...

Finally Used First Product.

Today I collected the items I had ordered off boots online... Buy one get one half price, Whoop Whoop! With the 4 trial products I have 8 in total. A full set to create a routine for myself. I am excited and nervous. I hope I can commit to 28 days of this. I never give this much time to myself, I am looking forward to it. I’m going to keep a record to write up on my blog after the 28 days! Well my first product used was the lip balm and so far so good. It’s really nice. It’s been 4 hours and...
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@My Mama Musings the skin balancing concentrate which is great.Read More...

New in

Can someone please tell me what I have to do and do I have to receive any trial products??I'm new,just signed up few hours ago and I'm still looking for advice and what these products are made for :) Thank you
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@Crysilva28 you're welcome


How do I order products?
Replies 4
@Abbigale at walgreens or are you asking about your free trial productRead More...


Hi everyone,I’ve just signed up and am super excited to start!!
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@NathalieSH Welcome to the community and I am excited for you.Read More...

New to the block

Hey guys just joined. Cant wait to hear all your skin stories😊 looking foward to receiving my GoodSkinIn28 products. #healthyskin#glowing😆
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Welcome to the community @Jacintamblack 💕

No products

hi guys, I’m new to this, just wondering how long it took for your products to come? Mines nearly been a week.
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That's great! I would love to check your progress out The pleasure is ours, @Pamelahmurray1604Read More...

Just joined

Hi everyone I've just joined so hopefully I will receive my parcel and excited to start my 28 day's, I'm looking forward to getting to know yous also getting started with this. 😊
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@mammymoo21 welcome to the community am sure you will love to be a part of it such a happy friendly placeRead More...

Just signed up

hi everyone just signed up and super excited to get started!!! How’s everyone finding it so far?? Can’t wait to get my GoodSkinIn28 pack to give it a test run Xx
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Welcome to the community @mummajenni - look forward to seeing your results over the next 28 days 💕Read More...

My product

Hi. I've just signed up. How do I get my free products to try?
Replies 3
@Afshin so have you recvied the product an how are you likng the community and also welcomeRead More...

Week 2

Well it's my second week and I'm really pleased so far. My skin seems more even toned and fresher. It's smoother and not so red, even though the weather has gone really cold. My make up goes on more smoothly too . I'm really pleased and my daughter commented on how nice my skin has gone. 😀
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@JanCornwall Sorry to hear about your losses!

Day 1

Hi everyone! Just received my lovely package of goodies and can’t wait to try it. I really like the packaging too. Will keep you posted on my progress Rachel
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Hi @RachelP , we're looking forward to your journey to healthier skin! 😉 Take photos!!Read More...

Product advice

Hi, Ive just ordered the concentrate and the purifying mask but wondering if anyone can give me suggestions on other products to try. My skin has gone oily and spotty recently. I want to get my skin back on track but also need something to help with ageing and wrinkles Which are the best products for spots & oiliness but also hydrating and moisturising. I don't really want to be using 10 different products. Thanks
Replies 1
Hi there - I have just sent you a private message @Time for a brew I would recommend using the products from the blemish/acne clearing and mattifying ranges . The Balancing Skin Concentrate will be perfect for you as it helps to reduce oiliness as well as increasing moisture levels. Hope this is helpful but please let me know if you have any more questions!Read More...

28 day challenge

I have been enjoying using the products love the feeling of how it feels on my skin - but as a few others had mentioned my skin does feel much softer but i have also noticed more breakouts. Because of this i have had to up my medicine and cream regime to offset this issue. I am trying to figure out the best way to utilize the product and eliminate the breakouts.
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@Jeeper91 You start to see proper results around Day 14 (which is today for you I believe?!) Have you seen any improvement?Read More...

Completed my 28 Days

When I received my wonderful gift of the concentrate to try I was extremely excited to be selected to try one of your new products. I have very sensitive skin and usually have some kind of reaction when I try something new. And sure enough, I broke out like crazy…… and even had an area on my face that looked like it was burnt..... I waited for over a week for my skin to clean up and then proceeded to apply again as instructed morning and nightly. Unfortunately, I developed a bad cold…. And...
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@Patty You're welcome!

New here 👋🏻

Hello ladies, I’ve just joined your good skin and awaiting my product but I thought I’d drop in and say Hi, I can’t wait to see the difference in my skin 😀
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Welcome to the community! @ChelseaAdams 💕

I Made It!

Last week I completed the 28 Day Challenge. 💃🏿My skin feels silky and smooth. My skin tone has also improved. I love the Balancing Skin Concentrate because it has significantly reduced excess oil from accumulating on my skin. 💖
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@Bex Thanks! ☺ I most definitely will continue to use it. 💜Read More...
Replies 4
Looking great @galina81 - please do keep us updated!

One week

One week has been already since I started using the balancing skin concentrate and my skin feels so soft. It glows and looks healthy.
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@galina81 Good news to hear that you notice the difference and that your skin glows.Read More...