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Newbie! Product recommendations

Hey all, I'm currently looking for a simple skin routine. Ive tried many different products but nothing I have stuck with. Now im wearing alot more make-up. . My skin is getting very spotty. My skin looks very uneven and my chin doesn't appear to want to stop breaking out . Without make up my skin looks awful.. I have terrible circles. 😟 Please can you recommend me a routine to use. Sorry I have no idea where to post this. I'm abit clueless . Thanks Kenz
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@Kate 1985 I second what @Bex advised, plus since you stated you are wearing a lot of makeup you want to make sure you are removing it all properly. Feel free to read my article on Double Cleansing. A good Micellar Water and the Acne Tonic after cleansing should ensure you are deeply cleansed. Hope this helps! 😄Read More...

Challenge complete!

Last week I completed my 28 day challenge. Yay me! My skin feels wonderful! I have more even tone, and I made it through a Chicago winter without dry patches covering my face. This line of products is amazing and I sing their praises all day at work! I can't wait to try my newest item, the purifying treatment mask.
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@Greenfeline2004 Thank you!

Serum amount? Disappointed!

is anyone else really disappointed in the amount of serum you get? All my cleanser, toners. Moisturisers etc have loads left but this must be day 31 maybe using the serum and it’s finished! I used the two pumps as directed morning and night and it’s ran out! Got to point out I just started the 28 day challenge at the end of January and had never bought the products before so bought them all at th same time. It’s quite expensive to only last a month!
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@amyreid20 I would suggest stocking up when it is on offer not sure if you are UK or US based, if you are UK based then boots often has a 1/3rd off your good skin products and if you have the boots advantage app recently have had different deals to get £2, £3 or £5 off for the last few months on there and also have had buy one ygs product get one for half price to. I have been stocking up while on offer. I know a lot of the US ladies have also been getting similar offers from walgreens. I...Read More...

Dry skin

Hi everyone, I started the challenge a few days ago and I’m using most YGS products. My skins really dried out though.. anyone else?
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@Sammm I would recommend continuing for 14 days (as that this is when you start to notice results) if no irritation. But please let me know if anything changes! 😊Read More...

is there anybody there @bex

need help , been leaving messages for @Bex for 4 days now and had no response , I know bex is on line when I send the messages as there is the little green dot by her name to say she is on line . my messages to bex are about missing raffle items all I want is some form of acknowledge that you have seen my messages as at the moment I am just feeling ignored and let down . I understand bex may be busy but I see she responds to peoples post yet like I said I feel she...
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you are very welcome

Ready For The 28 Day Challenge!

My YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate arrived yesterday! ❤ I am excited to get started with the 28 Day Challenge today. This is my before picture below.
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@Bonita you are always welcome


I am about to start my 28 days but I don’t really know where to start or what products to get. I’ve gone with the softening facial brush, refreshing face wash and the balancing skin concentrate. Can I had some advise please ladies 💙
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Yes I do, every morning and at night.

28 challenge finished 🎉

28 days ago I started my 28 day challenge. At first I did not expect much, but with each passing day I could see the great results on my skin, which is much softer, less oily and lighted. The challenge. It may be over, but my daily care routine will continue for sure! I am very happy to have discovered this community full of wonderful people and to be able to share the results with all of you. I'm very grateful for all this.
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@luneangeli Congratulations on finishing your 28 days! Your skin looks beautiful 😊 Do you think you will try any of the other products?Read More...

Any guys?

I used the concentrate, once, a few months ago but as I had so much skincare to get through I put this on hold. However, when I did that night I noticed my skin wasn’t as oily in the morning. I thought it was a fluke. Now I’ve been using it just nearly a week, it’s not a fluke, it actually has helped with oil control, the first ever product! Will let you know what 28 days has in store. Are there any other men using this?
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@Dioraaz That is amazing to hear! 😊

Day 8 Breakouts

Hi everyone I'm on day 8 of the challenge and the results have been great. But from yesterday to today I started having Breakouts. Maybe this could be happening because my fertile days started, but I'm still using the products normally. And I'll be watching over the next few days if this will continue or not.
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Hi @luneangeli How are you getting on with your challenge?Read More...


hi everyone just got my kit today ,well excited lol , hope it helps with my Menopausle skin will put photo up tomorrow when I start to see any changes .
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First update Day 2.5

was recommended yourgoodskin from the lady in boots she told me it was good and she had done the 28day challenge so thought ok let’s try it out. Bough the concentrate cream, day cream and night cream. Day 2.5 skin does feel softer have had a couple little dry areas and have came out in a few little spots.. the lady in boots said this happened to her and to persevere so I will.. going to go buy the exfoliated and toner I think as I’m using another brand and I’d rather use all the same. Update...
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@Ca0 Hey! 😊 The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing results...Read More...

New challenge

hi guys does anyone know if there’s going to be another 28 day challenge?. Would love to try it thanks ❤️ XX
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@Kbean15 You can take on the challenge any time you like! Here is the link: www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/28-day-challengeRead More...

started again

Just to let all you lovely ladies know I've restarted another 28 day's, I absolutely love the group also the products, since I've been using them in my routine my skin has looked also feels amazing 😀 I've had not one problem with my skin no dryness also no spots I've never really had a problem with spots just the odd one here and there when it's been women's monthly time but since using the YGS products in my routine I've not had one 😀 aswell as I've received my prize and my lip balms are...
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we are all excited and so happy for you

Products have just landed

Hey everyone! My package came today, woohooo! Thankyou so much, the products look divine, i cant wait to try them out and start my journey which will be in a couple of days (2nd feb)
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that is so wonderful to hear

Newbie....product recommendations

Hi guys I'm looking for a new skin care routine and have struggled to find products I like. I have extremely dry skin and looking for products that can rejuvenate my skin. I also work in a kitchen and would something to make me feel refreshed after work. Thank you for any recommendations
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@Hayley Mellors yes it works wonderful i love it i would not go a day without it for sure i just bought moreRead More...

Vitamin C

Recently I have been using a vitamin C serum at night to dab onto my pigmentation spots, between 3-4 times a week, not on the whole face just the areas that need it. So far I have found it has helped to fade them a little bit, so my question is, does anyone else have ideas to fade those marks and will YGS be considering a serum with added vitamin C for us older ladies?
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@Taewow 👀

So...I'm on Day 8 with new products!!!

Ok, y'all are awesome sales people for YGS products. Last night, I just couldn't wait anymore. Once again taking advantage of Walgreens buy 2 get 3 special, I dropped a few more dollars on *Purifying Treatment Mask *Energizing Facial Scrub *ANOTHER Balancing Skin Concentrate - I love how the side of the pump shows which day you are on. 😊 ($5 coupon and the 3 for 2, I couldn't resist). Last night i used the exfoliating facial scrub...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My skin felt even smoother and happier...
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@Sai us ladies and sales weather we need it or not we think well we are going to use it so buy it now while it is on sale even if we have a ton of it already we get sucked in everything my hubby picks on me and says dont we already have like 15 of them products do we really need more and i will say iot was on sale and he oh yeah gotta but its on sale lolRead More...

Day 12

So I’m back again with another update! So I’m currently on day 12! Almost halfway there! The acne scarring spots on my face seems to be fading. I have large pores on my nose and cheeks and Are usually very visible. Now, they truly can’t be seen! I love these products! And the more I use them the more my improve in aspects such as health and beauty. However, one of my concerns is if I choose to no longer use these products, would my skin be worse than before? I am aware that depending on the...
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yes you are spot on with this i so agreeRead More...

Week one done

And looking pretty good. I've had a minor breakout on my forehead, but that seems to be clearing. I'm finding that my skin feels more balanced, my usual oily patches have vanished and I'm seeing a reduction in pore size across my nose. I'm using the concentrate, day cream and night cream and have just started on refreshing face wash today - that was good, didn't leave my skin feeling tight. I like it! (Ignore puffy eyes, in need of sleep!)
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@kmissy your skin looks wonderful thank you for sharing this with usRead More...

Soothing Micellar Cleanser

Saw this in my local chemist/drugstore and as I am a big fan of micellar waters in general wanted to trial it. Well, it is really good and super gentle, have been using it after the gel cleanser and it not only removes all makeup super fast it leaves my skin feeling really smooth. Will be using this again, my only small gripe is that the bottle itself is quite a small size compared to other brands so maybe consider adding a larger one to the range? Anyway another keeper for me from YGS !
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yes i want a larger size too lol

Set Back :(

So I had a set back with my 28 day challenge. I suffer from anxiety and depression and unfortunately had a bad couple of weeks and failed to keep up with the routine. My skin had been feeling better and now it feels worse than ever So I am starting my challenge fresh from today. Here it goes 😊
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yes please keep us updated on this thank you

Day 6- purifying treatment mask

Good morning everybody. Today is my 6th challenge day and I am using the purifying clay mask for the first time instead of the refreshing face wash. Soon after rinsing my face I could already see that the glitter that stays on my face in the morning because of the oil disappeared. And out of curiosity I used a cotton to see if all the impurity had been removed, taking advantage that last night I fell asleep and did not complete the routine 🙈. The result is really amazing! I do not know if...
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i agree with you

Blog Update

Hello Ladies, im so excited to be sharing my review soon. I’m just beginning to do my photos for my long post and started on my review. God what can I say I’m so happy with my skin lately and it’s all because of this brand! My skin feels amazingly smooth, soft and no breakouts ! That’s a huge plus for me!! 😍 I’m so happy. These are Instagram worthy to me and I’m loving everything about them I can’t wait to review my raffle prize as well! ❤️❤️ Xo
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@Marielli_ i always make sure i share your things so people can follow you always put your blog thing in there so when i share it on facebook my friends will follow youRead More...

Spots - week 3

hi everyone, first time posting. I’m just on day 22 and I’ve started getting spots! Never did at any point before this. Happy with my skin otherwise and have actually only wore foundation ONCE in the whole three weeks when I used to put it on every single day. Just annoyed at the spots! Any ideas? Any good spot creams to put on them?? Thanks!
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@Bex yes that is a wonderful product i cannot go a day without this eitherRead More...