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Where to begin?

so far I only have balancing skin concentrate and spf 30 day cream . What else do I need to do this 28 day challengel
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@Jane Mallia You only need the Balancing Skin Concentrate for the 28 day challenge and you can sign up here for daily tips to help you along the way: https://www.yourgoodskin.com/uk/28-day-challengeRead More...

Day 5

So 5 days in and already loving these products. Have found my T Zone has been a little more greasy than normal but hoping this calms down soon! 🤔 The concentrate is my fav, smells great and feels good on your skin! ❤️
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Yay congratulations on starting your 28 day challenge @Gem5 The Balancing Skin Concentrate is clinically proven to reduce oil levels so with continued use this should definitely reduce! xRead More...

Day 7 update! Compliments Galore!

I have gotten 3 compliments from random people about my skin this week, even in the beginning when I felt I was breaking out more than usual. Today is day 7 and my skin looks happy! (Forgive my stringy wet hair, it is pouring in Kansas!) No foundation, just a little mattifying powder.
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@EricaG Amazing results and more to come!!! What day are you on now?Read More...


So today I’ve purchased some products to get me going on the 28day challange. I’ve read some great reviews on these products so hoping it’s the same for me. With the concentrate does this go on before or after moisturiser? Thanks in advance
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@Gem5 Great selection of products you have got there! You would use the Balancing Skin Concentrate before your moisturiser. Look forward to seeing how you get on with these 😊Read More...

Hot cloth cleanser

do I used this for the first time last night and it’s so lovely, but do I use it to take off my make up or do I use it after I have took my make up off? How many days a week do you recommend x x
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@Lenasibbs You can use either way! You can remove with make up remover first or you can use it to remove your make up, it's up to you 😊Read More...

What’s your favorite product! And WHY!?

Hey ladies!!! Soooo? Weather you haven’t started your journey! Or just finished! -What products are you looking forward to trying? What products do you love? And of course! Why do you love them/look forward to using them! For me. it’s my tired skin. I have two crazy boys who always keep me on my feet! And sometime so forget to put by best foot forward, when it comes to me! And the skin care products I use! lets hear everyone’s feedback!
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@MamaBear2 my favorite is the balancing skin concentrate. What I love about this skin care line is that the product line has such a wide assortment of products for everyone’s skin care needs.Read More...

My 2nd challenge

My first 28 day challenge was last November. It turned me into one of YGS's biggest fan. Last week I started the challenge again with a group of ladies from work. This time around I have added in the night cream. Another reason I was so willing to do the challenge is because I had begun to rotate in an anti-aging serum. I am curious to see how much improvement there will be with only the BSC. The only anti-aging product I have now is my day cream. Let's see how this goes.
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@ReneeF I am glad! My husband is suffering from his allergies too at the moment.Read More...


So I bought the cream acne cleanser on Saturday ,when my face was actually doing pretty good. Started it on Sunday and now Thursday I’m breaking out. I’m only using the cleanser . Did anyone else breakout before it got better
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@mdejesus615 I haven't bought the acne cleanser, but I know a lot of people have broken out during the challenge. My understanding is that your skin is going through a process of eliminating toxins to become a healthier version. Try to stick with it. The end result is worth it. Good luck to you!Read More...

Facial Tanning Oil

Hi ladies, happy Sunday x Thought I would share this product I have been using over the summer from Marks & Spencer’s range. You can apply it direct on its own or mixed in with your serum or moisturiser and only a few drops of the oil are needed , it gives a very natural looking glow /slight tan to the face. I have in the past steered clear of fake tan for the face but this has made a convert of me. Have any of you tried it or do you have your own favourites?
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Thank you for the information 😊

Tiny red "watery" pimples 4 days in

Greetings all! I started the 28-day challenge about 4 days ago, and I'm using the serum with the exfoliating wash, the AM and PM cream, and the immediate shine relief. I am beginning to notice tiny red dots showing up on my face. I have about 10 of them now, if I squeeze them, which I know I shouldn't, a tiny amount of clear liquid comes out. I am also getting a few on my chest, where I have been applying the serum. Did anyone else have a similar experience, did it go away, and if so how...
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I am sticking to the serum as the spots seem to come and go quickly and do not hurt, burn, or itch. I am thinking it is related to "purging" which I used to think was salesy b.s. but I am starting to believe.Read More...

I’m a newby on here Hello!

Hello from me 😊 I started with the face serum 6 weeks ago now as well as using the acne treatment lotion and all I can say is wow ! The difference in my skin in this short amount of time is unreal just look at my progress pictures, I’ve now added in the daily face cream as it has spf in it cos I no longer need to wear foundation ! I use another brand of night cream as it’s a collagen one, but I may try the night cream as well in the future I just love love love this stuff and even...
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@Claireh67 Welcome to the community. Glad you're loving the productsRead More...

Day 03: Seeing a difference👍🏾

Hei! Day 03 & I can’t believe my cheeks☺️ Acne has started to ‘dry’ on the right side of my face which was terrible! I’m sooooo happy & pleasantly shocked 👍🏾 Decided less is more, so this is my routine at the moment: AM: Cleansing gel with the brush, Toner, VitaminC serum, BSC, anti-blemish lotion, Moisturizer with SPF PM: Anti-blemish wash, brightening exfoliating wash hyaluronic acid, moisturizer I’m excited for the rest of the journey ☺️
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@Bex I rotate the cleansers -wash, calming gel & the blemish one active treatment tonic the BSC Daytime moisturizer with SPF ☺️Read More...

What products to get

hey I’m wanting to start the 28 day challenge but I’m not sure what to get, I have the night cream at the moment. I have broke out in spots this month so I’m going to get the scrub face wash, I have oily/dry skin and I use make up nearly daily what products would you suggest ? I won’t use a face mask much though xo
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@Lenasibbs .welcome and I totally agree with the recommendations given by out ladies..you can't go wrong with any of the productsRead More...


hi everyone! I started using the concentrate yesterday and love the smell and how it makes my skin feel! Currently using it with my normal skin cleanser but am I best changing to your good skin products? If so which ones? Thanks everyone! X
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Welcome to the community @Lent17 So glad you are enjoying the concentrate! What skin type/skin concerns do you have?Read More...

Newbie here 👋🏽 Day0/28

heyyyo! I'm new to the YGS community. Picked up some products yesterday & upon the advice of Sai (co-creator) I grabbed the concentrate as well. So there’s my stash now [Pic] Now I feel ready to take on the 28-day challenge 💪🏽 Hopefully by having a coach & a forum, I’ll stick to these products & let them have enough time to yield results [I’m guilty of switching up my products prematurely 😟] << Probably part of why my skin acts up. I rarely find a ‘whole package’ which I...
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@SoPheonaH Welcome to the community! What a great selection of products. How are you finding them so far?Read More...

Skin care anti shine lotion

Hi community in UK and USA has anybody used this product so far it is recommend five star but this product is rated 2 Star so I was wondering if anybody out there have used his product so far and what Mark would you give out of 5 star. Also is this like a Day Cream lotion when he shines your face all day 12 hrs.
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@Former Member Welcome to the community! I've been using the anti shine lotion since October last year and I love it. 💕 This unique product keeps my skin shine- free and matte for several hours, but for me personally, it doesn't keep it from being shiny for a full 12 hours. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results.Read More...

Help advice needed

I have been using the 28 day skin cream and feeling really oily and had a lot of spots appear. I exfoliate twice a week but could really do with any tips on how to help this, any advice on toners etc. I get married in five weeks
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@Sammy333 I agree with @Sai advice how long have you used the concentrate for as I got a few spots in about the second or third week then they cleared up. Are you using any other YGS products? Congratulations on your weddingRead More...

Hello! New user here.

I have had problematic skin since I hit puberty, and while I no long get cystic spots like I did as a teenager, I do struggle with hormonal breakouts. I have quite sensitive skin and other treatments always seemed to harsh and made things worse. I notice I get very dry skin then oily then I would break out on my chin. My skin tone is uneven and I notice my pores are quite large and overall my skin is quite dull. I had started to have problems with the skin on the top of my hands becoming...
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@AuroraFfloyd welcome to the community and good luck with the challenge keep us posted as to how you are getting onRead More...

28 days finished

So I finished my 28 days and was very impressed with overall smoothness, smaller pores, just happy skin. Then.... I thought I would just go back to all my other unfinished (very expensive) skincare products and just finish them all off. 3 weeks later and my skin is in such a state. I feel like chucking it all in the bin and going back to my YGS products only!! I think it’s safe to say my skin is throwing a massive tantrum because I’m not using your products 😂
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@Cdp Congrats on finshing your journey😊

Active Treatment Tonic

I WAS SUPER EXCITED TO RECEIVE THI S IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY!!! I got a package and didn't know what it was,I gasped when I saw the Tonic. It came SUPER FAST! And REALLY Surprised me that it smelled SUPER DELICIOUS,Like perfume! I couldn't wait to use it and was happy with the first application so far! I am planning on using it for the next 28 days or until I use it all up. Can't wait to see the results. The bottle size is great as well! Thank you @Bex and the Team!!!
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@Bex I like it. My face looks a little clearer to me so far. It feels good when applied and smells delicious!Read More...

The best so far for my hormonal acne! =)

I dont have perfect skin. Ive suffered with hormonal acne due to my ovarian cyst. To add to it, I also have mild eczema and very sensitive and oily skin. Have tried sooooo many products from Clinique, Kiehls, Dermalogica, Body shop, Liz earle, Avene, Vichy, La roche products and No.7. My boots points are always good due to my purchases though! =) I’ve started using Your good skin products 3 months ago to be exact. And because my skin reacts easily to most of the ones I have tried above, I...
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P.S. @Lisans my skin is also not oily anymore.... Just balanced—also have stopped using my concealer too... seems like the foundation is enough to cover my acne marks unlike before. I dont know which specific product in their range did it but the combination of all these seem to be working with my skin well.... I use the brightening scrub every other night... and purifing mask once a week. I haven’t even tried their spot range but scared to change anything now as everything working okay...Read More...

New user

hello, on day 3, please could people advise on there skin routine?? With how many time to exfoliate etc. Thank you in advance
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@Stacey32 I'm so glad to hear that its giving you great results.Read More...

7 days in

day 2.5 was last update, since then Iv gotten a couple more spots/blemishes actually felt like a spotty teenager again for a bit haha day 7 and that’s them starting to go away and no new ones have appeared or are looking like they might so fingers crossed. Just need them to disappear completely and I will be happy. Still a tiny bit dry in the morning. Skin is looking good apart from that tho. It’s definitely softer but it was softer from the start of use. Have stared using the micellar water...
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@Ca0 glad you are starting to see results have you tried the overnight cream after the serum on an evening that has helped my skin to feel plumper and not dry or tight in a morning and makes skin look well restedRead More...