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Thank you family YGS

I just got this package and I want to thank the YGS for everything. You guys are awesome and always very attentive to all of us and I can say that here in this community we are a big family. It was not this time that I could be part of the commercial, but I am still happy to be part of this community full of incredible women. Whenever you need it, you can count on me ❀️
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A little Prayer

Hi everyone, Since returning from vacation our family has been going through a very difficult time. My mother in law has been readmitted to the hospital, went under cardiac arrest and was brought back. Since then she has gone through a lot of issues and I wanted to ask my fellow community members if they could say a little prayer for her in their own way. Tomorrow we will be hearing some important news, not sure if it will be good or bad but we are all extremely nervous. I pray that she...
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Thank you @Sagittarius she woke up and is responding to commands, so far things are looking good! Still staying positive and yes God is great 😊 I’ll let you know how her recovery goes....thanks for all your support @Sagittarius πŸ’•Read More...

Added to my collection 😊

So whilst Boots have 25% off I’m going to try the overnight cream πŸ˜‰. I’m already converted to the 30 spf day cream which I never thought I would be! Creams with spf tend to make me break out but not this one! Can’t wait to try the night cream now 😊
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@helenrachel123 It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft when I wake up the next day!Read More...

What three emojis would you use to describe yourself?

I realise something very exciting this morning. Those IT elves have worked their magic overnight so that you can now add emojis to your discussions. Now this got me thinking, mostly because I LOVE an emoji! What three emojis would you use to describe yourself? To start you off here are mine πŸ‘­ πŸ’ͺ ❀️ Representing friendship, inner strength and love. I cannot wait to see what you all are...
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πŸ†’πŸ€ͺπŸ’•

I’m a newby on here Hello!

Hello from me 😊 I started with the face serum 6 weeks ago now as well as using the acne treatment lotion and all I can say is wow ! The difference in my skin in this short amount of time is unreal just look at my progress pictures, I’ve now added in the daily face cream as it has spf in it cos I no longer need to wear foundation ! I use another brand of night cream as it’s a collagen one, but I may try the night cream as well in the future I just love love love this stuff and even...
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@Mim YGS is my favorite skin care products my face had never been softerRead More...

Aldi jomalone dupes

hope this is ok to post butjust wanted to share that I have just popped into my local Aldi for the first time in a while and they have the jo malone dupes of perfume and body creme in store and I couldn’t resist picking some up the body creme was Β£4.99 and the perfume Β£5.99. I cannot believe just how similar to the real thing they are and will make a great everyday perfume. They also had there hot cloth cleanser and mud mask back in store if any ladies like those. Have any of you tried these...
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@nancym46 that’s a shame. There was actually more candles and diffusers etc online that in store so you might find something fingers crossedRead More...

YGS Refreshing Face Wash

Hay ladies, I just got back from my Walgreens and they are having a 20% off on all YGS products so I took advantage and got me another bottle of the Balancing Skin Concentrate. So I also got, which I'm so excited about, the Refreshing Face Wash which I'll be trying for the first time.
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@Bex I tried it last night and so far I love it. I will give my full review in about 2 weeks.Read More...

Eye Allergy

I am absolutely loving YGS. I posted about a month ago when I started using it and showed the above picture of the sweat reaction I have around my eyes. I have been using the hydrating cream as an eye cream and also tried the fase mask last night which was wonderful. I highly recommend these products. Are there any plans to further your products into a body lotion and also soothing foot soak and foot cream as I have exceptionally dry feet where my heels crack and bleed. CCS cream and other...
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@Sagittarius .πŸ‘πŸ˜€

Post Menopausal skin challenges

Hi Gang! Starting the 28 day challenge today! My skin has drastically changed the past few years, sensitive, frequent breakouts, large pores and some rosacea. I am SO hoping to see some positive results. Wish me luck!
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That’s my routine too! Except I use the acne fase wash at night but all the rest is the same as you. I felt a difference on day 1. I am now on day 11 and also feeling pretty positive. I am looking for more even skin tone too and I have already noticed some old acne scars disappear.Read More...


So I bought the cream acne cleanser on Saturday ,when my face was actually doing pretty good. Started it on Sunday and now Thursday I’m breaking out. I’m only using the cleanser . Did anyone else breakout before it got better
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@Bex no they haven’t . I’m hoping by the end of this week they will. I’ve broken out and then it will dry those out while still having new pimples. But I’m going to keep pushing forward . Maybe as it was suggested , use it every other dayRead More...

Good vibes!

Just wanted to send all you lovely ladies great vibes, and I hope everyone has a blessed day!πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
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@poppit82 πŸ˜πŸ‘

What products to get

hey I’m wanting to start the 28 day challenge but I’m not sure what to get, I have the night cream at the moment. I have broke out in spots this month so I’m going to get the scrub face wash, I have oily/dry skin and I use make up nearly daily what products would you suggest ? I won’t use a face mask much though xo
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@Lenasibbs .welcome and I totally agree with the recommendations given by out ladies..you can't go wrong with any of the productsRead More...

My collection

The collection of my fave YGS products.. what’s in yours??
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@Bex the concentrate, it’s something I won’t be without now but the lip balm is a close second! It’s super moisturising, I love it.Read More...

Help a girl out!

Hey guys! I have been using YGS FOR about a week now and I am breaking out. Before using th products I would break out here and there. I do have scaring. I know the lady at Walgreens told me that it get worse before it gets better. I guess what I am trying find out if this is a normal thing.
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@alicianajera2 The YGS Balancing Skin Concentrate is designed to re-balance the skin, which includes improving cell turnover and reducing sebum (oil) levels. Both of these are linked to spot formation, so with continued use the product should help reduce breakouts. It is normal to experience a few breakouts when you are changing your skincare routine. It usually happens in the first week. If no irritation occurs I would recommend to persevere for one more week as you start noticing results...Read More...