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Day 7 of my 28 day challenge

I have added the mask and toner on day 5 and this morning I am convinced that 2 pumps of serum are going further over my face. Must be my improved skin texture. Here in the UK weather is changing and my face is facing colder air on my morning walking commute. So pleased to give into that whim the other lunchtime.
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June Raffle Prizes!

The winner in 1st Place for Β£100/$100 of YGS products is... @Ruiyyanko The winners in 2nd Place for Β£50/$50 of YGS products are... @Bibicool @chellester @Sai The winners in 3rd Place for Β£20/$20 of YGS products are... @ninnytendo @Kzoldowski @dandy @Rach4down @CJ2004 The winners in 4th Place for Β£10/$20 of YGS...
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@JanCornwall I think you are correct!πŸ‘

Skin care for hands

hi ladies, recently had an injury to my hand, my hand is chapped and peeling , my hand is also two different. is there anything I can put on it to stop peeling? Right now I can’t use my fingers, so doctor said that is why is is peeling.
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@mariebow thank you

Raffle prizes announced!

Hi Ladies! Here are the raffle prizes for July - apologies for the delay here! 1st Place for Β£100/$100 of YGS @DonnaB 2nd Place for Β£50/$50 of YGS @kelceyryder @Naffy786 @Katty09 3rd Place for Β£20/$20 of YGS @helenrachel123 @mariebow @Ruiyyanko @Rach4down @Temporarily_insane_4eva 4th Place for Β£10/$10 of YGS @JanCornwall...
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I was thinking about that too I am excited to receive my prize.😊Read More...

Seborrhoeic dermatitis or Rosacea

Hello Everyone! Has anyone suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis or rosacea used the SPF 30 antioxidant day cream? If so, what was the result? I have both diseases and I am scared of using this moisturiser. T hanks!
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@Doragon I actually just found out I have SD I’m on a medication for it and for my scalp as well.Read More...

Who would like to take part?

Hi lovely ladies! Hope you all had a great weekend 😊 We are going to be having a private discussion in the next couple of days - we would love to get your feedback on a new product concept. If you would like to take part, let me know in this discussion and I will make sure to add you to the private group! x
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πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ , i’m interested!

Beginning the journey

I've just bought my second tube of moisturiser... I love having a decent SPF in such a great texture. Decided to get the serum too this time, so I'm looking forward to the next 28 days!
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@mariebow going great so far...results already so much more than I expected 😊Read More...

YGS Moisturizer is the BEST!

OK, so I have used plenty of different moisturizers over the years, with Olay ending up my favorite of all. That is until................I tried the YGS! OMG, I had no idea what I was missing. I have used other YGS products, but hadn't tried the moisturizer yet as I was in the middle of other kinds. Well, I have to say that Olay is no longer my favorite. I am in love with the YGS, it applies so nicely, and leaves my skin feeling wonderful! I will be telling everyone about this awesome ...
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@chellester I had the same experience. I was a faithful Olay Reginerist user. YGS is gentler on my skin, feels less greasy and is less expensive than Olay. I also use the night cream. Together I pay less than one jar of Olay RegeneristRead More...

Beauty bag at Walgreens

If anyone needs to stock up on their YGS products there is a good deal going on at Walgreens.com. When you buy beauty products for $ 20 or more you will get a free beauty bag with great samples!
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@Hendrika That's amazing, thanks for letting everyone know!

1st Day!

Found this great product today! Already notice a difference!
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Hi @Maxine Amazing news, so glad to hear you have discovered this product! I would definitely recommend using 2 pumps in order to get the full effect!Read More...

Your good skin nomination

Your good skin Micellar water has been nominated in the beauty awards as in the best new facial cleanser. I will leave a link in case anyone wants to vote. https://www.beauty-magazine.co.uk/vote-submitted
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@Temporarily_insane_4eva Thanks so much for sharing this! I have voted too πŸ˜€Read More...

Eye cream

i am loving all the products but I still like to use an eye cream as i am 44.any suggestions
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@Clarabell I would recommend using the No7 Lift and Luminate eye cream! https://www.boots.com/no-7-lif...cream-15-ml-10224945Read More...

Skin Reaction

I was so excited to start using these products. I started with the skin concentrate and it seemed ok for the first few days so then purchased the hot cloth skin cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, day cream and night cream. My skin is now red, blotchy, sporty and with bumpy spots under my skin. So saddened by this. I do have sensitive skin but reading all about these products, it said it was ok. Do I persevere in the hope it will get better or stop using and wasting in excess of the Β£50 I have...
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Hi @Claire Walker So sorry to hear this 😟 How long have you been using these products for?Read More...